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San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-793-7800

Walter Moos, chairman and CEO
Privately Held


Founded in 1992 as Applied Genetics, MitoKor took its current name in 1996 to reflect the company’s focus on the role of mitochondrial DNA mutations in neurodegenerative, metabolic and inflammatory diseases and cancer. Through agreements with the Buck Institute for Age Research, of Novato, Calif., and the University of Oregon at Eugene, Mitokor is deciphering the human mitochondrial proteome to aid in finding therapies for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and Type II diabetes.

In May 2001, the company raised $25 million in private equity financing to continue its focus on late-onset neurodegenerative and CNS diseases. The company has an alliance with American Home Products Corp., of Madison, N.J., which gave MitoKor an undisclosed Phase III drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

The company also acquired Apollo Biopharmaceuticals, of Cambridge, Mass. MitoKor and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Mimotopes and Apollo BioPharmaceutics, have established core competencies in biotechnology, combinatorial drug discovery, target discovery and assay and diagnostic development, as well as in mitochondrial and nuclear proteomics and genomics, disease modeling and pharmacogenomics. Apollo Biopharmaceuticals was acquired in May 2001 through a stock-and-cash exchange, although specific financial details were not disclosed.

MitoKor’s lead internal product, ABP-150, is in Phase I trials for Parkinson’s disease and other forms of chronic neurodegeneration. ABP-150 is a non-feminizing estrogen that is believed to affect mitochondrial metabolic pathways, and also was obtained through MitoKor’s acquisition of Apollo. The company also has a collaboration with Pfizer Inc. that was extended in 2001.


Besides the alliances with American Home Products and Pfizer, the company said it is in discussions with pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology firms.