Biotech Co (Country/ Symbol) Agbiotech Partner (Country/ Symbol) Type/ Product Area Disclosed Funding (M) Terms/Details (Month)
Affymax Technologies NV (unit of Glaxo Wellcome plc; UK; NYSE:GLX) DuPont Crop Protection (unit of DuPont; NYSE:DD) Research and development collaboration/access to Affymax chemical libraries for testing against crop protection targets ND Affymax will receive fees for compound access and testing, plus milestones and royalties on any products that emerge (2/00)
AgriBioTech Inc. Kenneth R. Budd (former COO and president of AgriBioTech) and J.R. Simplot Co. Sale of assets/turfgrass seed assets and specialty division $65 Sale is subject to various closing condition (5/00)
AgrBioTech Inc. Research Seeds Inc. Sale of assets/all assets of AgriBioTech's forage business unit $16 Research Seeds agreed to pay $16M in cash, subject to various pre-closing conditions (6/00)
Agrinomics LLC (unit of Agritope Inc.; AGTO) and Aventis Crop Science (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Vilmorin Clause & Cie (France) and Biotech M.A.H. Plant Genomic Fund (Israel) Research collaboration/discovery of genes that confer desirable traits in vegetables $7.50 A Vilmorin/Biotech M.A.H. joint venture will sponsor the $7.5M research program;Agrinomics received $1.5M up front to fund the first year of research (2/00)
Agritope Inc. (AGTO) Rohm and Haas Co. (NYSE:ROH) Technology development and marketing agreement/create a new plant transformation marker selection system for use in agricultural biotechnology ND Once developed, the system will permit the rapid creation of improved plant varieties; both companies will conduct research and any royalties will be shared equally; Rohm and Haas will manufacture the ligand and market the transformation marker system (9/00)
Akkadix Corp. Pangene Corp. License/Pangene s Homologous Recombination and other related technologies ND Akkadix receives license to technologies for commercial use in the plant science field; Pangene also has been granted a nonexclusive cross-license to Akkadix s bioinformatics technology (9/00)
Akkadix Corp. Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Research/improving the quality and digestibility of forage crops ND Initial target for the project is alfalfa; Akkadix will provide research support and its bioinformatics to identify genes in return for access to resulting developments (11/00)
Aleurone Corp. Monsanto Co. (unit of Pharmacia Corp.; NYSE:PHA) License/Aleurone's genetic engineering technology for cereal plants expressing foreign proteins in seed storage areas ND Aleuron will receive up-front payment and royalties on sales (1/00)
AMBI Inc. (AMBI) ImmuCell Corp. (ICCC) License/rights to AMBI s Wipe Out product, con sisting of pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with nisin to clean, santize and dry the teat area of a cow prior to milking $0.36 ImmuCell paid $0.36M to acquire equipment, trademarks and a license; ImmuCell also agreed to manufacture and supply nisin to AMBI as needed (1/00)
AMBI Inc. (AMBI) ImmuCell Corp. (ICCC) License/rights to develop and market new antibacterial drugs for animals using nisin and lysostaphin technologies ND AMBI received an up-front payment and will receive milestones and royalties on any sales (4/00)
Atrix Laboratories Inc. (ATRX) Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA) Marketing/periodontal therapy for companion animals ND Pharmacia's animal health unit will market periodontal gel containing doxycycline for use in companion animals; Heska Corp. was formerly marketing partner for the product; Atrix will continue manufacturing the gel (4/00)
Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC) Ceres Inc. License/Aurora s fluorescent protein technology for use in agricultural applications ND Ceres was granted nonexclusive rights to use the technology for in vitro and in vivo research and development activities and to provide services to third parties; the multiyear agreement includes an upfront technology access fee, annual license fees and royalties; Aurora also has an option to acquire equity in Ceres (10/00)
AviGenics Inc. Demegen Inc. (OTC BB:DBOT) Research and development collaboration/development of chickens resistant to coccidiosis and other avian enteric diseases such as Salmonella and Campylobacter infections ND ND (1/00)
BioFocus plc (UK) Aventis CropScience (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Research collaboration/BioFocus will design and supply compounds for agricultural applications ND BioFocus gains access to new royalties; further details ND (3/00)
Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. (BJCT) Animal Medical Center of New York Provider agreement/use of Bioject's needlefree injectable DNAbased melanoma vaccine in animals ND Animal Medical will be the exclusive provider of the product for use in animals (4/00)
Celera AgGen (unit of Celera Genomics; NYSE:CRA) ViaLactia Biosciences New Zealand Ltd. Research collaboration/Celera will seek to dis cover new bovine genes important for increasing dairy productivity ND All intellectual property will be jointly owned (4/00)
Ceres Inc. The Institute for Genomic Research Collaboration/identify the structure of genes and their encoded proteins in the chromosomes of a plant species ND Parties will focus on the plant species Arabidopsis thaliana (12/00)
CRS Robotics Corp. (Canada; TSE:ROB) Monsanto Co. (unit of Pharmacia Corp.; NYSE:PHA) Supply agreement/CRS will design and provide automated lab systems for high-throughput genotyping $1.20 Immediate order, with a value of $1.2M, covers first two systems (5/00)
Devgen NV (Belgium) FMC Corp. (NYSE:FMC) Expansion of research collaboration/Devgen is discovering targets of existing insecticides and will use the information to make insecticides more target-specific; a second part of the program involves putting candidate targets into C. elegans and using them to screen for novel insecticides $15 Expansion of 11/99 deal following fasterthan-expected progress; Devgen will receive $15M in committed research and development fees over three years, plus milestones and royalties (4/00)
Diversa Corp. (DVSA) Aventis Animal Nutrition SA (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Extension of research collaboration/development of a biocatalytic process to manufacture an Aventis product for animal nutrition ND Based on progress to date, companies extended initial six-month agreement, resulting in additional research funding to Diversa (4/00)
Dow AgroSciences LLC (unit of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW) Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research Multiyear research and collaboration agreement/evaluate and develop plantderived veterinary biologics ND Dow and the Boyce Thompson Institute signed the agreement under which scientists will work to accelerate the development and commercialization of plantderived vaccines for the animal health industry (11/00)
Enchira Biotechnology Corp. (formerly Energy Biosystems; ENBC) Genencor International Inc. License/Enchira's geneshuffling technology for development of genebased products for various industries, including grain processing, animal feed and food ingredients ND Licensing agreement is the first of what is expected to be several deals between the companies (5/00)
Encore Technologies Prophyta (Germany) Exclusive distribution and marketing agreement/Contans WG ND Encore will distribute and market Contans WG, a biological fungicide, developed by Prophyta, which controls Sclerotinia diseases in the soil (11/00)
EnviroLogix Inc. Aventis CropScience (unit of Avents SA; France; NYSE:AVE) License/tests for genetically modified organisms ND EnviroLogix will have access to Aventis' BAR and PAT herbicide-resistance proteins and to Cry9C (a Bt protein); further details ND (3/00)
EraGen Biosciences Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute Inc. (NYSE:NVS) Collaboration/highthroughput genotyping ND EraGen and Novartis will collaborate with Novartis to provide AEGIS (an expanded genetic information system) technology for genotyping; the goal is to accelerate the research and development of methods to protect and improve crops (11/00)
Exelixis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EXEL) Bayer AG (Germany) Joint venture/discovery of insecticides and nematicides based on targets discovered by Exelixis using model system genomics $100 Companies formed GenOptera LLC under terms of expansion of 6/99 agreement; Exelixis will receive up-front and license payments of $20M, plus milestones and potential royalties; expanded agreement calls for at least $80M in additional research support; Bayer has exclusive marketing rights (1/00)
Exelixis Inc. (EXEL) Dow AgroSciences LLC (unit of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW) Collaboration/develop fungicides and herbicides for crop protection ND In a three-year deal, Exelixis will identify and validate targets and format screening assays that will be used by Dow; Dow will provide research funding, as well as milestone payments and royalties (7/00)
GeneData AG (Switzerland) Zeneca Agrochemicals (unit of AstraZeneca plc; UK; NYSE:AZN; and Cytopia Pty Ltd.; Australia) License/gene expression software ND Zeneca will use GeneData s GD Expressionist software for analysis of gene expression array data, supporting development of crop protection products, controlling principal weeds, pests and major crop diseases (8/00)
Geron Corp. (GERN) AviGenics Inc. and Origen Therapeutics Inc. License/nuclear transfer technology ND AviGenics and Origen Therapeutics obtained option rights to license on a nonexclusive, worldwide basis Geron s nuclear transfer technology to generate cloned poultry; Geron will receive equity in each company; terms for the licenses include additional equity and a share in future revenues generated from products under the licenses (12/00)
Lion Bioscience AG (Germany) Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM) Bioinformatics/development of informatics tools for metabolic profiling that predict the changes of biochemical pathways in plants and fungi; companies will develop phenotypic analysis tools ND Project will broaden Lion's i-biology platform to the field of agriculture and will benefit Paradigm's AgDB system (1/00)
Lynx Therapeutics Inc. (LYNX) Aventis CropScience (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Renewal of technology access agreement/use Lynx's genomics discovery services to develop new crop varieties and other agricultural products, and for genomic mapping of certain plants and discovery of of trait-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms ND One-year renewal of 3/99 agreement providing nonexclusive access (3/00)
Methexis Genomics NV (Belgium) Sequenom Inc. (SQNM) Research and development collaboration/use of combined technolo gies to discover and assess genetic variations in targeted regions of human and plant genomes ND Companies are collaborating to create and sell products using their combined technologies and may integrate Methexis' technology for discovering single nucleotide polymorphisms with agricultural applications into Sequenom's MassARRAY system (3/00)
Neogen Corp. (NEOG) Agdia Inc. Development collaboration/determine if grains, oilseeds and vegetables are genetically modified ND Companies established a joint venture to develop testing products (6/00)
Neurogen Corp. (NRGN) Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) License/development of Neurogen's drug candidates to treat obesity in companion animals, developing pills to block neuropeptide Y neurotransmitters (NPY 1 and NPY 5) ND New deal is the sixth between the companies in eight years; it expands the scope of 1995 agreement for NPY antagonists to treat obesity in humans; Neurogen will receive milestones and royalties (6/00)
Novalon Pharmaceutical Corp. (unit of Actelion; Switzerland) Novartis Research Foundation (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Research collaboration/use of Novalon's BioKey assays for genomic targets in the agricultural field ND Novalon will provide BioKey assays for Novartis targets in return for upfront and research and development funding; technology access is nonexclusive (1/00)
Oxford Molecular Group plc (UK; LSE:OMG) Zeneca Agrochemicals (unit of AstraZeneca plc; UK; NYSE:AZN; and Cytopia Pty Ltd.; Australia) Software agreement ND Zeneca purchased Oxford s RS3 Discovery and Diamond Discovery software; companies will work together to develop an advanced combinatorial chemistry software system (8/00)
Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM) Monsanto Co. (unit of Pharmacia Corp.; NYSE:PHA) Research collaboration/Paradigm will develop functional genomics data by analyzing the product of Monsanto's gene sequencing, bioinfomatics and functional genomics research, creating a product discovery platform for commercialization $55 Paradigm will receive $55M in committed payments; additional financial terms ND (1/00)
Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM) Renessen LLC (joint venture of Monsanto Co.; unit of Pharmacia Corp.; NYSE:PHA; and Cargill Inc.) Expansion of research collaboration/application of functional genomics and bioinformatics to the task of increasing yields of valuable grain components ND Paradigm and Monsanto expanded 11/99 agreement to include Renessen (5/00)
Protherics plc (UK; LSE:PTI) Zeneca Agrochemicals (unit of AstraZeneca plc; UK; NYSE:AZN; and Cytopia Pty Ltd.; Australia) Agreement for Protherics Dock Crunch virtual screening service US$0.25 Protherics will provide its services to both companies; the contracts are worth US$250,000 (11/00**)
Proteome Systems Ltd. (Australia) Dow AgroSciences LLC (unit of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW) Research collaboration/use of Proteome's technology to characterize Dow proteins, map diversity of protein families and develop tools to elucidate novel biosynthetic pathways in plants; Proteome will also build several new proteomic databases for the program ND Extension and expansion of multiyear agreement initiated 2/99 following achievement of several milestones in the first year of the collaboration (3/00)
Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc. (RSTA) Monsanto Co. (unit of Pfizer Inc.; NYSE:PHA) Converted pilot agreement to a fullscale, three-year collaboration/development of better crops $15 Monsanto will pay Rosetta $15M over three years for the delivery of gene expression information; Rosetta has the potential to receive future payments, including royalties (11/00)
SemBioSys Genetics (Canada) Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Development collaboration/development of a product addressing nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical markets using SemBioSys' oleosin technology (based on genetically engineering oilseeds to produce value-added proteins) ND Novartis will fund development; SemBioSys will supply the product to Novartis, which will have exclusive rights (1/00)
Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (SDIX) Novartis Seeds (unit of Novarts AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Research and development/genetic tests for quality control in foun dation seeds and crop breeding ND Strategic Diagnostics will distribute the tests (6/00)
Symyx Technologies Inc. (SMMX) Celanese AG (Germany; NYSE:CZ) Extension of research collaboration/discovery of new catalysts to convert basic feed stocks into higher value-added commodity chemicals $5 Celanese will have exclusive rights to use catalysts discovered by Symyx in the defined field; Symyx will receive over $5M in research funding during the one-year extension (through 2/02) plus royalties on the sale of chemicals produced by the catalysts (5/00)
Trega Biosciences Inc. (TRGA) DuPont Crop Protection (unit of DuPont; NYSE:DD) Compound library access/Trega will supply small-molecule chemistry libraries through its Chem.Folio program ND Trega will receive an up-front payment and potential milestones and royalties; agreement includes possibility of further collaboration in the future (1/00)
Univera Pharmaceuticals Inc. Unigen Ltd. (Korea) License and research collaboration/transfer of Univera's PhytoLogix and PhytoGenEx technologies to Unigen and the sharing of future technical improvements $1 Univera received a $1M license fee and will receive royalties on future improvements; as part of the agreement, the companies will collaborate on plant screening (5/00)
This chart contains information on new corporate agreements in agricultural biotechnology covering the time between 1/1/00 and 12/31/00; stocks trade on Nasdaq unless otherwise noted.
AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.