Biotech Co.* (Symbol)

Pharma Co. (Country)

Change from original agreement

Disclosed Funding (M)

Terms/Details (Date)

Alizyme plc (UK; LSE:AZM)

SmithKline Beecham plc (UK)

Elimination of royalty payments in return for a one-time payment

#3 US$4.4

Alizyme renegotiated its license with SmithKline for ATL-1251, removing any royalty payments in return for #3M >to be paid following market approval (11/22**)

Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AXPH)

Merck & Co. Inc.

Extension to collaboration for a fifth year


The companies extended their osteoporosis drug discovery collaboration until November 2001 (11/28)

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CGPI)

Isdin SA (Spain)

Extension of marketing rights


Companies extended marketing rights for Periostat, CollaGenex's periodontal disease therapeutic, to include Greece (10/25)

Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN)

Bayer Corp.

Extension to the proteomics collaboration through Dec. 31, 2002


The research program, using Myriad's ProNet technology, has already discovered six candidate therapeutic targets in dementia for Bayer; the collaboration now will focus on important biological pathways involved in the cause of obesity (12/13)

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Expanded collaboration providing Taisho the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize Neurocrine's altered peptide ligand for diabetes in North America and other countries outside of Europe and Asia


Original agreement made in July 2000 was for Europe and Asia; the two companies will collaborate in the worldwide clinical development of NBI-6024 and Neurocrine will receive funding; the deal, which includes licensing fees, purchase fees, milestones and development expenses, is valued at up to $100M (12/12)

Pharmagene plc (UK; LSE:PGN)

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Ltd.

Renewed agreement for one year


Pharmagene provides KHK full access to its Phase ZERO preclinical testing service; agreement began in 1997 (11/29)

Therion Biologics Corp.*

Aventis Pasteur (unit of Aventis SA; France)

Expanded agreement in therapeutic cancer vaccines


Companies agreed to expand the length and scope of their existing collaboration, permitting the study of additional tumor-associated antigens for use in pox virus-based vaccines to treat melanoma, colorectal and lung cancers; companies expect to enter Phase III trials with ALVAC-CEA/B7.1, a vaccine to treat colorectal cancer; Therion will receive new license fees, additional milestone payments and future royalties; Aventis gains a worldwide sublicense to Therion's rights to NY-ESO-1, a tumor associated antigen, as well as the right to use other antigens relevant to these diseases (10/26)

Transkaryotic Therapies Inc. (TKTX)

Aventis SA (France)

Reacquisition of worldwide commercial rights to GA-II


TKT expects to initiate a Phase II test of the protein next year; Aventis will continue development of TKT's Gene-Activated protein Dynepo (12/8)

Vivus Inc. (VVUS)

Paladin Labs Inc. (Canada)

Exclusive distribution and marketing rights for Muse


Paladin gained rights for Muse, a treatment for erectile dysfunction, in Canada (11/22)


Anika Therapeutics Inc. (ANIK)

Zimmer Inc. (unit of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.)

Terminated marketing and distribution agreement for Orthovisc


Anika and Zimmer terminated the marketing and distribution agreement for Anika's hyaluronic acid-based treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee; Zimmer was exclusive distributor in Canada, parts of Europe and certain other territories; Zimmer has the right to distribute Orthovisc from its existing inventory through the end of 2000; the termination eliminates future milestone payments (11/13)

Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GLFD)

Aventis Pharma (unit of Aventis SA; France)

Guilford reacquired commercial rights to Gliadel Wafer to treat malignant brain cancer


The reacquisition ends the June 1996 agreement that granted Aventis marketing and distribution rights worldwide, except in Scandinavia; Guilford issued 300,000 shares to Aventis, valued at $8M; Aventis will continue marketing and distributing the product through Dec. 31 (10/24)


# The information in the chart does not cover agreements between biotech companies or agricultural agreements.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk; unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the NASDAQ market.

** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange.