Biotech Co.* (Symbol)

Pharma Co. (Symbol/Country)

Type/Product Area

Disclosed Funding ($M)

Terms/Details (Date)

Active Biotech AB (Sweden; ACTIB)

Aventis Pasteur (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE: AVE)

Collaboration within the field of diarrhea diseases


Aventis will assume marketing, sales and distribution of Active Biotech's cholera vaccine, SBL Cholera Vaccine, for all countries worldwide outside the U.S. and Europe (8/00)

Affymetrix Inc.(AFFX)

Takara Shuzo Co. Ltd. (Japan)

License agreement/Takara gains a non-exclusive worldwide license under Affymetrix's intellectual property covering low and medium density DNA arrays


Affymetrix will receive undisclosed up-front fees and ongoing royalty payments on products sold by Takara; license covers technology used in Takara's IntelliGene DNA chips (9/00)

Altea Genomics Inc.*

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland; NYSE: ELN)

Agreement to form a joint venture company to develop up to five products using Altea's non-invasive MicroPor technology and Elan's formulation technology


The new joint venture company will develop up to five products, focusing on DNA delivery; products under consideration include DNA vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer (8/00)

Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA)

Collaborative and license agreement/Pharmacia gains a non-exclusive license to use Anadys' GATE technology, for use in discovery and validation of targets for antifungal drugs


Anadys will collaborate for the transfer of the technology; Anadys will receive technology licensing fees and research payments; specific financial terms were not disclosed (8/00)

Atrix Laboratories Inc. (ATRX)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Research and license agreement/Pfizer gains access to Atrix's paranteral, transmucosal and topical drug-delivery systems for development of new products


Pfizer made an initial $5M investment in Atrix; Pfizer will fund development and commercialization and has rights to market resulting products; Atrix retains manufacturing rights and will receive royalties on product sales (8/00)

atugen AG* (Germany)

Bayer AG (Germany)

Research collaboration/Bayer will provide gene target sequences and specific cell lines for atugen to optimize delivery to the cell lines and subsequently produce Gene Bloc reagents to inhibit specific target gene expression


ND (9/00)

Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC)

Merck & Co. (NYSE:MRK)

Development agreement/Merck will provide a particular ion channel target and a selected compound library for Aurora to develop an assay for the target using Aurora's voltage sensor probe technology and screen the provided library for novel drug leads


Aurora will receive research payments, research and development milestones and royalties on marketed products that are based on compounds identified by the screens generated through the collaboration; other financial terms were not disclosed (9/00)

Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

License agreement/Merck receives a non-exclusive license to Aurora's Vivid screening technology for use in determining whether compounds interact with key metabolic enzymes, affecting their suitability as drugs


Aurora will receive annual license fees, as well as payments for reagents, over several years (9/00)

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

Elan Corp. plc (NYSE:ELN)

Worldwide, exclusive collaboration to develop, manufacture and commercialize Antegren (natalizumab), which is in Phase II trials for multiple sclerosis


The companies will work together to develop, manufacture and commercialize Antegren; they will share costs for ongoing development activities, as well as economic benefits; includes up-front and milestone payments (8/00)

Biota Holdings Ltd. (Australia; ASX:BTA)

Glaxo Wellcome plc (UK: NYSE:GLX)

Research and development agreement/Glaxo received rights to develop and market worldwide a new influenza drug based on inhibition of the viral neuraminidase


Biota will, subject to the final agreement, work with Glaxo to develop drug candidates with properties that will result in increased convenience in dosing regimen for both patient and doctor (9/00)

BioTransplant Inc. (BTRN)

Novartis Pharma AG (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS)

Creation of a new xenotransplantation research company


The new company's research activities will be based in Boston; the share base of the company will be owned 67% by Novartis and 33% by BioTransplant; Novartis retains the rights to commercialization of research from the new company and BioTransplant will receive royalty payments (9/00)

Cambridge Antibody Technology plc (UK; LSE:CAT)

Wyeth-Ayerst Research (unit of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

License agreement/Wyeth-Ayerst gains an exclusive product license to develop antibody drugs specific for the amyloid beta peptide implicated in Alzheimer's disease


Cambridge will receive an unspecified advance fee, clinical milestones and royalty payments from future sales if products reach the market; the deal is a follow-on to the companies' 3/99 agreement (9/00)

ChemDiv Inc.*

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMS)

Database access/Bristol-Myers gains access to ChemDiv's experimentally confirmed, optimized combinatorial libraries of small-molecule compounds


ChemDiv will be paid for delivery of several dozen compound libraries of its CombiLab set of diverse and focused libraries, also allowing for future payments should Bristol-Myers elect to acquire additional compounds, chemistry services or lead optimization; financial terms were undisclosed (9/00)

Corixa Corp. (CRXA)

Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. (NYSE:MRX)

Multi-year development, commercialization and license agreement covering Corixa's psoriasis immunotherapeutic product, PVAC treatment


Provides Medicis with exclusive rights to PVAC treatment in the U.S. and Canada; Corixa will be responsible for development and manufacturing and Medicis will be responsible for commercialization and distribution; Medicis will pay Corixa an up-front payment of $17M with potential development milestone payments of $35M and commercialization and sales threshold milestone payments of $55M; Medicis also will purchase inventory from Corixa and pay a royalty on net sales (8/00)

Corixa Corp. (CRXA)

Purdue BioPharma L.P. (subsidiary of Purdue Pharma)*

Research and development agreement/Purdue will use its Synthebody technology to develop up to four therapeutic antibodies directed against cell-surface antibodies chosen from selected Corixa tumor-antigen discovery programs


Purdue will provide Corixa with guaranteed research funding; based on the outcome of preclinical studies, Purdue may license the antibodies and targets from Corixa worldwide under currently defined terms that include up-front license fees, milestone payments and royalties (9/00)

Cortex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC BB:CORX)

Les Laboratoires Servier (Paris)

Three agreements for Cortex's ampakine-technology


Servier will develop and commercialize Cortex's ampakine technology; the companies will research and develop new ampakines; they will enroll patients in North America and Europe for clinical trials of ampakine CX516 for improving memory; Cortex will receive an up-front payment of $5M and about $2M per year for a minimum of three years; Cortex also will receive potential milestones and royalties (10/16)

Deltagen Inc. (DGEN)

Glaxo Wellcome plc (UK; NYSE:GLX)

Partnership involving Deltagen's DeltaBase gene function database and DeltaSelect drug target validation programs


Glaxo Wellcome is the first subscriber to Deltagen's database for mammalian gene function for new drug targets based on genomic databases; Glaxo will receive non-exclusive access to in vivo mammalian functional information for 250 new potential drug targets per year and will have access to Deltagen's patent portfolio for mammalian gene function; Glaxo will pay a subscription fee of $5M per year over a three-year term; Deltagen also may receive discovery and development milestones and access fees (9/00)

De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (UK)*

Aventis Pharmaceuticals (unit of Aventis S.A; France; NYSE:AVE)

Technology access/De Novo will apply its platform of computer algorithms to provide novel, patentable small-molecule leads for Aventis' research programs under De Novo's Drug Design Partnership Program


Aventis paid a technology access fee and will provide research funding for a period of 12 months; full details were kept confidential (9/00)

Diagnostic Products Corp.

Minerva Pharmaceuticals inc.* (NYSE:DP)

License agreement/development of immunoassays for a newly described, altered DNA synthesome malignancy protein found exclusively in patients with cancer of various types


ND (9/00)

Diversa Corp. (DVSA)

Celanese Ltd. (unit of Celanese AG; NYSE:CZ)

Evaluation project/companies to discover and develop microorganisms capable of producing chemical products at rates substantially higher than traditional microbial strains


Celanese will fund discovery and optimization at Diversa and pay royalties on the sale of products utilizing improved strains; Celanese will have exclusive rights to commercialize strains discovered or developed within specified commodity and speciality chemical applications (8/00)

EPIcyte Pharmaceutical Inc.*

Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE:DOW)

Joint research and product development program for manufacturing large quantities of monoclonal antibodies in plants


Companies plan to develop antibody-based products using EPIcyte's Plantibodies technology; Dow will receive exclusive licenses to Plantibodies products in the field of animal health (9/00)

EraGen Biosciences Inc.*

Bayer Diagnostics (unit of Bayer AG; Germany)

License agreement/EraGen will license its AEGIS synthetic DNA base pair technology to Bayer for use in Bayer's branched DNA technology for nucleic acid testing, including its viral load test for HIV (HIV-1 RNA 3.0 assay)


ND (9/00)

Generex Biotechnology Corp. (GNBT)

Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Agreement to develop a buccal formulation of insulin administered as a fine spray into the oral cavity using Generex technology


Generex will receive certain initial fees and milestone payments, as well as royalty payments; Lilly will receive exclusive, worldwide rights to products resulting and will be responsible for clinical trials, regulatory approvals and marketing worldwide (9/00)

Genetronics Biomedical Ltd. (Canada; AMEX:GEB)

Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Ltd. (Australia; unit of Johnson & Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)

Research collaboration/the companies will explore the feasibility of using Genetronics' electroporation platform technology to deliver nucleic acid materials into tumors in vivo


Financial terms were not disclosed (8/00)

Geneva Proteomics Inc.* (Switzerland)

Novartis Pharma AG (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS)

Alliance in proteomics to discover therapeutics, targets and biomarkers


Novartis will make a total equity investment of US$43M in Geneva Proteomics and will pay defined proteome fees of US$41M over four years; further license fees, milestone payments and reimbursements are possible; Novartis gains exclusivity for three years or longer for several hundred molecules and information on expression patterns studied in the alliance (10/00)

Genzyme Molecular Oncology (GZMO)

Purdue Pharma LP*

Discovery and licensing agreement related to the discovery and product development of up to 20 cancer antigens


Agreement has the potential to provide Genzyme Molecular Oncology with more than $330M in up-front and milestone payments if all 20 antigens are developed and approved for sale (10/00)

GLYCODesign Inc.* (Canada)

Leo Pharmaceutical Products Ltd. (Denmark)

Development agreement/initial three-year joint venture to develop novel cardiovascular drug candidates


Companies will equally share the costs of preclinical and initial clinical development up to the start of Phase II trials; Leo has an exclusive option to commercialize drug candidates in Europe (8/00)

GPC Biotech AG (Germany; Neuer Markt:GPC)

Bayer AG (Germany)

Research collaboration/GPC will perform compound mode-of-action studies using its Reverse Genomics technology program on up to 50 of Bayer's antibacterial development candidates


GPC retains the rights for the expression profile database generated from the collaboration for use in future Reverse Genomics collaborations with other companies and for use in its internal antibacterial R&D projects (8/00)

Healthpoint Ltd.*

Strakan Ltd. (a strategic partner of Access Pharmaceuticals Inc.; AMEX:AKC)

Option and license agreement/Healthpoint will gain rights to both ResiDerm A and Residerm technology for the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean


Access shares in the licensing revenues generated from the ResiDerm technology and receives a royalty on worldwide sales; no financial terms were disclosed (8/00)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)

SmithKline Beecham Corp. (NYSE:SBH)

Agreement to jointly develop and commercialize repifermin for wound care


SKB exercised its first co-right option to jointly develop and commercialize repifermin; the option was part of the June 1996 agreement (10/00)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)

Aventis Behring LLC (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE)

Joint development and commercialization agreement to co-develop and jointly market an Aventis Behring plasma protein product


Aventis and HGS will select the plasma protein and will use the strengths and capabilities of both organizations to capitalize on albumin fusion technology (10/00)

ILEX Oncology (ILXO)

BASF Pharma (Germany)

License agreement/ILEX receives an exclusive, worldwide license to BASF's anticancer compound BSF 223651


The companies are finalizing an agreement giving ILEX an option for an exclusive worldwide license to Elinafide, another anticancer compound discovered by BASF; discussions are under way for additional BASF compounds (9/00)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Licensing agreement for Incyte's LifeExpress gene expression database


Incyte could receive future milestone payments and royalties on sales of products that result (10/00)

Inhale Therapeutic Systems Inc. (INHL)

Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Development program for an inhaleable formulation of Forteo recombinant parathyroid hormone


Companies plan to develop the pulmonary form of Forteo with Inhale's Inhance drug delivery platform (9/00)

Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc.(ISPH)

Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (Japan)

License agreement/Kirin gains the right to develop and commercialize Inspire's lung disease diagnostic adjunct product INS316 Diagnostic in 21 Asian countries and regions, including Japan


Inspire will receive an up-front payment in cash and milestone payments based on clinical success and approval; royalties on net sales will be paid to Inspire over the long term (9/00)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIP)

Coley Pharmaceutical Group*

Agreement to acquire from Isis patents relating to immune stimulatory and modulatory phosphorothioate oligonucleotide technology


Isis will receive a one-time payment valued at $10.7M in return for the assignment to Coley of two issued U.S. patents and a pending U.S. patent application; the payment prepays all future royalties and milestones from a prior agreement (9/00)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIP)

Pantheco A/S (Denmark)

License agreement/Pantheco licensed Isis' third-generation antisense chemistry Peptide Nucleic Acid to treat diabetes and cardiovascular diseases


Isis will receive a $1.1M licensing fee, payable in Pantheco shares, on approval and completion of Pantheco's financing, including royalties and milestone payments on products developed (9/00)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIP)

Roche Molecular Systems Inc. (Switzerland)

License agreement of chemistry patents for use in production of RMS's diagnostic products


Royalty-bearing license grants RMS non-exclusive worldwide access to Isis chemistry, in exchange for initial and ongoing payments (10/00)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GeneTrove division; ISIP)

The R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute (unit of Johnson & Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)

Antisense target validation collaboration/GeneTrove will use its antisense technology to assess and validate PRI gene targets


This is the fourth GeneTrove target validation collaboration; financial details were not disclosed (8/00)

Labopharm Inc. (Canada; TSE:DDS)

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE)

Feasibility and formulation agreement/use of Labopharm's controlled drug release technology, Contramid, for development of two new formulations of an unnamed, top-selling Aventis product


Labopharm will receive payments in addition to a success fee for the feasibility study, formulation of the drug and a pharmacokinetic study; financial terms were not disclosed (8/00)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARNA)

Joint research collaboration using Lexicon's functional genomics technology Seek Target Validation program and Arena's CART technology to produce knockout-validated chemical leads for small-molecule drug candidates, which target G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)


Each company will share equally, providing equal numbers of GPCRs to be validated simulataneously and in up-front fees, milestones and royalties generated from products developed from alliance; they will fund their own efforts; they may agree to jointly fund development of compounds targeting alliance GPCRs, although each company intends to partner the majority of the drug targets (8/00)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Database access and license agreement/Bristol-Myers gains access to the LexVision database containing phenotypic information from mouse gene knockouts for use in high-throughput screening and target validation, and the OmniBank Library of mouse embryonic stem cell clones validation


Lexicon could receive between $15-25M in access and delivery fees, in addition to milestones and royalties on products Bristol-Myers develops using Lexicon's technology; the term of the agreement is five years, although either company may terminate after three years (9/00)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Non-exclusive sublicense for the use of certain aspects of Lexicon's positive-negative selection and isogenic DNA technologies


BMS will use the technology for the generation of knockout mice for internal research purposes to gain predictive information about gene products (10/00)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Oriental Yeast Co. (Japan)

Collaboration agreement for a web interface in the Japanese language allowing researchers to access OmniBank


Collaboration gives Lexicon entry into the Japanese drug discovery market (8/00)

Maxim Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MAXM)

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Switzerland)

Development collaboration/Development of Maxim's lead drug, Maxamine (histamine dihydrochloride), in combination with Roche's investigational, pegylated interferon-alpha agent, Pegasys compound, to advance the treatment of cancer and hepatitis


Both companies will undertake clinical trials and other activities designed to seek regulatory approval of the combination of Maxamine and Pegasys for the treatment of hepatitis C and certain cancers; Roche will perform the management, monitoring and data management of the trials at its own cost and the companies will share equally the third-party costs of the trials; each company will retain marketing responsibilities and revenues for its respective drugs, although they will cooperate in the training of their respective sales forces (8/00)

Maxygen ApS (subsidiary of Maxygen Inc.; MAXY)

H. Lundbeck A/S (Denmark)

Research, development and license agreement/Lundbeck has licensed rights to an unnamed protein pharmaceutical product that could be used for central nervous system diseases


Maxygen has retained rights for neurological indications in key Asian markets and global rights for those outside of central nervous system diseases, including inflammatory disease and cancer; Maxygen will receive license fees and research and development funding, including milestone payments and royalties on product sales (9/00)

Maxygen Inc. (MAXY)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Research and commercialization agreement in the area of biochemical manufacturing


In a May 1998 agreement, Maxygen used its MolecularBreeding technology to improve the selectivity of a biosynthetic pathway essential to the manufacture of a pharmaceutical product sold by Pfizer; expanded collaboration includes commercial terms for the process improved by Maxygen; Maxygen will earn research and commercial milestones and a percentage of all manufacturing cost savings; Pfizer also will fund Maxygen to further improve the pathway (9/00)

MethylGene Inc.*

MGI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MOGN)

License, research and development agreement/for MG98, a second-generation mRNA inhibitor, and novel small-molecule DNA methyl transferase inhibitors for anticancer activity


MethylGene will receive an initial cash payment, followed by milestone payments based on progress of receiving North American approvals; MGI Pharma will fund the ongoing development of MG98 and the DNA methyltransferase small-molecule inhibitors and make a $6.8M equity investment in MethylGene; MethylGene will also receive royalties on net sales revenue and retain a co-promotion right in North America and all rights outside of North America (8/00)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Aventis SA (NYSE:AVE)

Strategic alliance to jointly develop and commercialize drugs to treat inflammatory diseases, to develop new drug discovery technologies and to transfer Millennium's technology platform to Aventis


The companies closed the agreements in which Aventis made a $150M stock purchase in Millennium; the agreements also provide for the purchase of an equity interest in Millennium by Aventis (7/00)

Nortran Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Canada)

AstraZeneca plc (UK; LSE:AZN.L)

Exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for the development and marketing of Nortran's antiarrhythmic drug


AstraZeneca will make an up-front payment, in addition to milestone and royalty payments and all development and marketing costs for the single small-molecule candidate (10/17)

Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ONXX)


Multi-year research collaboration to identify, evaluate and select novel prodrugs that are converted by the enzyme nitroreductase


Agreement is aimed at expanding Onyx's selectively replicating anti-cancer Armed Therapeutic Virus platform; Onyx also is gaining access to the gene encoding the enzyme nitroreductase (8/00)

Orchid BioSciences Inc. (ORCH)

Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Commercial single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping service agreement


Orchid will perform high-throughput SNP scoring on samples provided by Lilly; further details ND (10/00)

Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA)

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland; NYSE:ELN)

Research collaboration/focus on discovery of small-molecule inhibitors of betasecretase for treatment of Alzheimer's disease


The companies will pool their scientific and intellectual property and share all associated costs and revenues associated with research, development and marketing of potential inhibitors of beta-secretase; financial terms were not disclosed (8/00)

Phase-1 Molecular Toxicology*

Schering AG and Berlex Biosciences (Germany)

Collaboration for novel methods for toxicological screening of preclinical candidates


Phase-1 has a goal to take its human molecular in vitro, and rat in vitro and in vivo, data to create a predictive model of response and put the power in the hands of its partners (8/00)

Pharmacopeia Inc. (PCOP)

Schering AG (Germany)

Research collaboration to focus on the chemical optimization of lead compounds


Pharmacopeia achieved a milestone in an existing agreement between the companies concerning the identification of lead compounds; those compounds are the focus of this new collaboration (9/00)

PPL Therapeutics plc (UK;LSE:PTH)

Bayer Biological Products (unit of Bayer AG; Germany)

Licensing and development agreement/the companies signed a worldwide licensing agreement to develop transgenically produced recombinant replacement therapies in aerosol form for alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency-related emphysema and for cystic fibrosis, initially to conduct a placebo-controlled Phase III efficacy study for ATT deficiency, then manufacture and commercialize the aerosol formulation globally for AAT, and later for cystic fibrosis


Bayer will bear the costs of clinical development and marketing; PPL will be responsible for exclusive product manufacturing; Bayer will make an up-front investment of $15M in purchase of PPL equity at #2.15 a share; PPL will also receive up to $25M in milestone payments if progress is made in registering indications and in driving sales growth; of this, a total of $15M will be paid up to and at the time of approval of the product for AAT deficiency-related emphysema; PPL will receive production revenues and royalties on product sales (8/00)

Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Two agreements to adapt for human use murine antibodies from Lilly


PDL will receive an up-front signing fee of $1.7M, milestone payments, annual maintenance fees and royalties on sales in the first agreement; it will receive an up-front signing fee of $1.36M, milestone payments, annual maintenance fees and royalties on sales in the second agreement (9/00)

Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RIGL)

Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland; NYSE:NVS)

Discovery collaboration/companies entered into their third collaboration, using Rigel's post-genomics combinatorial biology technology to identify drug targets that regulate lung epithelial cell function and other severe respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


The initiation of this collaboration triggers an undisclosed cash payment to Rigel, which will also receive milestone and certain royalty payments relating to the development and commercialization of any therapeutics, diagnostics or vaccines resulting from the collaboration; Novartis will retain exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market products in those areas relating to targets discovered under the collaboration (8/00)

Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RIGL)

Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:QSC)

Agreement to sell exclusive rights to certain of Questcor's antiviral drug research technology


Rigel receives certain antiviral technology, including the hepatitis C drug discovery technology, in exchange for a cash payment, a payment of Rigel stock, and future milestone and royalty payments (9/00)

Sangamo BioSciences inc. (SGMO)

Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK)

Research agreement/Merck will gain access to Sangamo's Universal GeneTools for internal use


ND (9/00)

SignalGene Inc. (Canada; TSE:SGI)

Anapharm Inc.* (Canada)

Laboratory service agreement/ for the provision of genotyping services


SignalGene will use its technology to characterize the metabolizing status of individuals with regard to orally-administered medications (8/00)

Symyx Technologies Inc. (SMMX)

Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE:DOW)

Discovery and license agreement/the companies will develop catalysts for the manufacturing of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates


Dow will fund the research effort, make payments upon technical success and commercialization and have exclusive rights to use the catalysts in its manufacturing process (9/00)

Trega Biosciences Inc. (TRGA)

Aventis Pharma AG (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE)

Licensing agreement/for iDEA predictive model for drug absorption


Aventis will use Trega's absorption module in its drug discovery activities (9/00)

ViroLogic Inc. (VLGC)

Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK)

Agreement to develop and execute educational programs on the utility of HIV-drug resistance testing for physicians


The companies will conduct a series of physician education meetings to educate physicians about the latest scientific and clinical data in the field (9/00)


# The information in the chart does not cover agreements between biotech companies or agricultural agreements.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk; unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the NASDAQ market.

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.

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