In an article in the September 15, 2000, issue of BioWorld Today, items related to Meridian Medical Technologies Inc., of Columbia, Md., were incorrectly attributed to Meridian Diagnostics Inc., of Cincinnati, which is purchasing Viral Antigens Inc.

The story reported a 60 percent increase in revenues for the three-month period ending July 31 for Meridian Diagnostics. That increase, to $54.6 million in revenues, actually was reported by Meridian Medical Technologies, which has an auto-injector drug delivery system and proprietary technologies in non-invasive cardiopulmonary diagnostics. Those technologies were incorrectly identified as Meridian Diagnostics technologies.

Meridian Diagnostics' (NASDAQ: KITS) amount of shares outstanding also was incorrectly identified. Meridian Diagnostics currently has about 14.6 million shares outstanding.

Editor's Note: The correction will be made Friday in BioWorld Online.

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