Biomira Inc. (Canada)

BLP25 vaccine

Synthetic 25-amino acid

Advanced non-small cell lung cancer sequence of the MUC-1 cancer mucin, encapsulated in a synthetic liposomal delivery system, designed to induce an immune response to cancer cells

Initiated Phase II trial (8/11)

British Biotech plc (UK)


Oral matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor

Gastric cancer

Phase III clinical trial failed to meet survival target but provided benefit (8/24)

Cangene Corp. (Canada)


Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor

White blood cell recovery following chemotherapy

Initiated Phase II trial (8/23)

The Liposome Co. Inc.


Liposomal formulation of anticancer drug doxorubicin

Treatment of metastatic breast cancer, either alone or in combination with cyclophosphamide

European Medicines Agency (EMEA) accepted the filing of Evacet for marketing clearance in the European Union (8/10)

Progen Industries Ltd. (Australia)


Retailored polysaccharide with a sulfate chain attached, thought to stop action of heparinase (tumor cell enzyme that allows penetration of blood vessles)

Various cancers including breast, lung, prostate and colon

Received provisional approval from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute's Ethics Committee to commence testing at the Institute under the umbrella of Centre for Developmental Cancer Therapies (8/26)


Centocor Inc.


Dual receptor glycoprotein and alpha V beta 3 antagonist

Treatment of heart attack in combination with Retavaseonist

Presented new findings from international clinical trial at the 21st Annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (8/30)


Abbott Laboratories

Norvir capsules (ritonavir)

HIV protease inhibitor

HIV infection

The European Union's Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products adopted a positive opinion on Norvir (8/10)

BioChem Pharma Inc. (Canada)

Zeffix (FDA-approved)

Lamivudine, nucleoside analogue (oral dosage)

Chronic hepatitis B

Received marketing approval in the European Union (8/2)

Cangene Corp. (Canada)

VZIG (Varicella zoster immune globulin)

Specialized antibody purified from human plasma

Prevention of chicken pox during pregnancy

Granted fast-track review by the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada (8/12)

Chiron Corp.


Subunit influenze vaccine


Received National Marketing Authorizations in most Western European counries (8/2)

The Immune Response Corp.


Envelope-depleted, inactivated AIDS virus (emulsified with adjuvant)

HIV infection

Initiated clinical trial in South America (8/12)

The Liposome Co. Inc.

Abelcet injection

Complex of amphotericin B with two phospholipids

Invasive fungal infections in patients intolerant of conventional amphotericin B

Received regulatory approval in Belgium (8/24)

SciClone Pharmaceuticals

Zadaxin (FDA-approved)

Thymosin alpha 1; synthetic version of naturally occurring peptide hormone thymosin

Hepatitis B

Received marketing approval in Brunei and Sri Lanka (8/16)


Biopure Corp.


Hemoglobin glutamer oxygen therapeutic

Elimination or reduction of red blood cell transfusions in elective surgeries

Received fast-track status from South Africa's Medicines Control Council (8/30)

Cangene Corp. (Canada)



Iron-overloading in transfusion-dependent patients with thalassemia major

Approved in Europe (8/26)

Centocor Inc. and Schering-Plough Corp.


Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor

Crohn's disease

Granted marketing authorization in the European Union (8/17)

Ciba Vision Corp. (a unit of Novartis AG, Switzerland) and QLT Phototherapeutics Inc. (Canada)


Verteporfin; light-activated drug for photodynamic therapy

Treatment of wet age related macular degeneration (AMD) in patients with predominately classic subfoveal choroidal neo vascularization

Filed for marketing clearance with the European Medicines Evaluation Agency in the European Union (8/9)


Verteporfin; light-activated drug for photodynamic therapy

Treatment of wet agerelated macular degeneration (AMD) in patients with predominately classic subfoveal choroidal neo-vascularization

Filed for approval with the Swiss regulatory agency, Interkantonale Kontrollstelle fur Heilmittel (8/18)

Isis Pharmaceuticals and CibaVision Corp. (a unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland)


Antisense inhibitor of cytomegalovirus retinitis (CMV)

CMV in patients with AIDS

Received marketing approval in the European Union (8/4)

NexMed Inc.

Alprostadil (prostaglandin E1)

Topical formulation incorporating the vasodilator alprostadil with the NexACT transdermal penetration enhancing technology

Erectile dysfuction

Completed multiple-use clinical study in China (8/11)

QLT Photo therapeutics Inc. (Canada)


Light-activated drug for photo dynamic therapy

Moderate to severe psoriasis

Commenced Phase II trial

Vivus Inc.


Alprostadil; prostaglandin E1

Erectile dysfunction

Received marketing license in Spain (8/27)

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