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3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

DuPont (NYSE:DD)

Research collaboration; use of 3-D's Directed Diversity technology(computer-aided iterative process for generating chemical compounds)


DuPont licensed technology and gets exclusive license on all activecompounds identified; 3-D gets licensing fees, milestones and royalties(11/98)

Aclara Biosciences Inc.*

PE Biosystems (unit of Perkin-Elmer Corp; NYSE: PKN)

Companies entered collaboration to develop systems for high-throughputscreening in both pharmaceutical and agricultural fields; Aclara and PE'sexisting collaboration to develop and commercialize microfluidic-basedsystems for genetic analysis was signed 5/98


Aclara and PE plan to form technology access partnerships with pharmaceutical,biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology companies, providing earlyaccess to systems; financial details ND (4/99)

Agritope Inc. (NASDAQ:AGTO)

Rhone-Poulenc Plant and Animal Health (division of Rhone-Poulenc SA;NYSE:RP; France)

Companies signed letter of intent to establish joint venture to conductresearch, development and commercialization of novel genes arising fromAgritope's collaboration with the Salk Institute for Biological Studiesand the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology of the University of Edinburgh(see entry below)


Agritope will contribute technology, research facilities, personneland expertise related to the gene discovery program; RP will contribute$20M in specific research funding over 5 years, as well as research facilities,personnel, expertise and complementary genomics capabilities; Agritopeand RP will each own 50% of the joint venture; joint venture will seekadditional agreements with 3rd parties to fund projects in return for grantsof rights to discoveries in defined fields or territories (2/99)

Salk Institute for Biological Studies (San Diego) and the Instituteof Cell and Molecular Biology of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

Under gene discovery program, Salk and the U. of Edinburgh will generategenetically modified seed that will be screened for a wide variety of traits,such as disease resistance, insect resistance, new morphologies, abioticstress tolerance, improved flowering characteristics, herbicide toleranceand improved nutritional qualities


Five-year functional genomics collaboration; discoveries arising fromprogram will be licensed to Agritope for commercialization; Agritope isplanning to collaborate with major industrial partners (1/99)

Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Companies will explore potential applications of Allelix technologyin animal health; agreement is limited solely to exploring veterinary usesand does not cross over into Allelix's programs to develop and partnercompounds for human therapeutics


ND (2/99)

BioDiscovery Ltd. (ASX:BID; Australia)

Rhone-Poulenc Agro (unit of Rhone Poulenc SA; NYSE: RP; France)

Agreement to screen extracts of Australian insects as source of leadsfor agrochemical and pharmaceutical products, especially for crop protectionproducts


Agreement is based on findings from BioDiscovery's joint venture withCSIRO Entomology; Rhone-Poulenc gets access to extracts from insect libraryfor 3 years; BioDiscovery gets upfront payment of US$0.3M, plus the samepayment on 1st and 2nd anniversary (for US$0.6M); it also gets additionalpayments and milestones of US$0.6M, as well as royalties (prices convertedat a rate of A$1.66/US$1) (11/98)

Bio-Investigations Ltd.* and the University of Connecticut

DeKalb Genetic Corp. (unit of Monsanto Co.; NYSE: MTC)

DeKalb obtained exclusive worldwide license to chicken interferon technologyto develop and market corn that may combat virus infection in poultry


DeKalb/Monsanto licensed technology from Bio-Investigations, a venturecapital firm that held exclusive license from the University of Connecticut;further details ND (1/99)

Biora AB (Sweden)

St. Jon Laboratories (subsidiary of AgriNutrition Group Ltd.; NASDAQ:AGNU)

Distribution and marketing agreement on Biora's Emdovet for treatingperiodontal disease in animal health market (same product sold for humanapplications as Emdogain [composed of enamel matrix proteins to initiateregrowth of tooth-supporting tissue])


St. Jon gets exclusive distribution and marketing rights in North Americaand the U.K. (12/98)

Biosource Technologies Inc.*

Dow AgroSciences LLC (division of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW)

Biosource completed 2 milestones ahead of schedule in 9/98 collaborationon the discovery and development of genomics-based agricultural and industrialproducts


Completion of milestones triggered payments to Biosource (4/99)

Biosource Technologies Inc.*

Owensboro Grain Inc.*

Multi-year R&D and scale-up agreement to develop cost-effectiveprocesses for the recovery of complex biomolecules from seed crops suchas soy, corn and canola


ND (2/99)

Pangea Systems* Inc.

Biosource licensed Pangea's GeneWorld and GeneMill bioinformatics softwareand Pathway computational tools; the software is designed for managementof sequence data; Pathway allows scientists to elucidate and view setsof biochemical metabolic pathways active in a cell


Software and tools licensing agreement; further details ND (2/99)

Scottish Crop Research Institute and Mylnefield Research Services Ltd.*(commercial arm of SCRI)

Three-year exclusive research collaboration and cross-licensing agreementthat combines SCRI/MRS intellectual property, research capabilities andscientific resources with Biosource's plant viral vector technology andexpertise in high-throughput production of antigens for vaccine R&Dprograms; 1st phase of collaboration focuses on basic research on fundamentalproperties of plant/viral interactions and identification of specific immunotherapeutictargets; 2nd phase will entail research services in support of Biosourceprograms with pharmaceutical and animal health companies


ND (1/99)

BTG International Inc. (subsidiary of BTG plc; LSE:BGC; U.K.)

United States Dept. of Agriculture

Technology related to cytokinin, a plant hormone shown to enhance naturaldefense mechanisms to insect attack


BTG acquired rights to the technology (2/99)

Celera AgGen (agricultural business of Celera Genomics Corp.,which is a joint venture between Perkin-Elmer Corp (NYSE:PKN) and The Institutefor Genomic Research)

RhoBio SA; joint venture of Rhone-Poulenc Agro (unit of Rhone-PoulencSA; NYSE:RP; France) and Biogemma SAS* (France)

Celera will use expression studies to discover genes related to traitsof importance in maize


Celera will receive royalties on any product sales; 3-year agreement(3/99)

Demegen Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: DBOT)

Dow AgroSciences LLC (division of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW)

Expansion of 11/97 license agreement on technologies for developingdisease-resistant crops to include technologies for increasing nutritionalquality and protein content in food and feed crops


Original license agreement, involving Demegen's transgenic crop technology,was signed between Demegen and Mycogen Corp. (which was acquired by Dowin 11/98); further details ND (12/98)

Diversa Corp.*

Novartis Agribusiness Biotechnology Research Inc. (unit of NovartisAG; Switzerland)

Multi-year, multi-project R&D alliance to develop new seeds withnovel performance and quality traits; Diversa will use its genomics discoveryand screening technologies (which involve isolation, expression and sequencingof microbial and plant genomes derived from raw environmental samples)to identify and optimize genes and gene pathways in transgenic crops


Novartis will make a $12.5M upfront payment, and will provide researchsupport, milestone payments, and licensing fees and royalties (1/99)

Exelixis Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Bayer AG (Germany)

Exelixis delivered target for screening to Bayer under 5/98 collaborationto identify targets and format high-throughput assays for the developmentof new generations of crop protection agents


Target delivery triggered undisclosed payment from Bayer (4/99)

Forage Genetics Inc. (subsidiary of Research Seeds Inc.*)

AgriBioTech Inc. (ABT; NASDAQ:ABTX)

Forage will develop Roundup Ready alfalfa varieties for marketing byABT; companies also agreed to collaborate on developing new ABT varietieswith resistance to potato leafhopper, an alfalfa pest


ND (1/99)

GeneMedicine Inc.

Heska Corp. (NASDAQ:HSKA)

Research collaboration; use of GeneMedicine's cationic lipid- and polymer-basedDNA formulations and delivery technologies (targeted delivery of plasmid-basedmedicines) for certain immunotherapeutic applications in animal health


Heska gets exclusive right to evaluate technologies; GeneMedicine getsoption fee; if Heska exercises option on exclusive license, GeneMedicinegets license fee, milestones and royalties (11/98)

Great Lakes Hybrids (affiliate of KWS Seeds AG; Germany)

Monsanto Co. (NYSE:MTC)

Great Lakes will develop corn hybrids that utilize Monsanto's cornroot worm protection gene


ND (2/99)

Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Zeneca Group plc (NYSE:ZEN; U.K.)

Major collaboration in agrigenomics; extension of 6/96 database agreement(for therapeutics) to include Incyte's PhytoSeq database and its microarraytechnology for use in analyzing gene pathways and monitoring gene expressionin plants


Technology allows Zeneca to study multigenic pathways in single experiment;Incyte will apply its high-throughput gene sequencing and bioinformaticstechnologies to generate gene sequence and expression information on cropplants designated by Zeneca to be included in PhytoSeq database; Zenecagets access to data from custom and prefabricated microarrays; multiyearagreement (12/98)

Institute of Molecular Agrobiology (Singapore)

Rhone-Poulenc Agro (unit of Rhone-Poulenc SA; NYSE:RP; France)

Research collaboration to discover new genes for resistance to fungaland bacterial diseases in rice


Products resulting from the agreement will be commercialized by bothparties, through a joint venture company to be established in Singapore(3/99)

Integrated Genomics Inc.*

Dow AgroSciences LLC (unit of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW)

Integrated will determine the complete DNA sequence of the bacteriumthat, via fermentation, produces the spinosad pesticide; Dow will alsolicense Integrated's bioinformatic tools, including the WIT Pro genomeanalysis system, and biochemical and genomic databases


Multi-year agreement; details ND (4/99)

InterLink Associates Inc.*

Kemin Biotechnology LC (subsidiary of Kemin Industries Inc.*)

Kemin gains exclusive access to InterLink's microbial and soil samplecollections for the isolation of genes that code for novel enzymes forfeed and certain food uses; alliance includes targeted strain isolationand biochemical characterization at InterLink research facility


ND (3/99)

Lynx Therapeutics Inc.

DuPont Agricultural Enterprise (unit of DuPont; NYSE:DD)

Crop genomics research collaboration; use of Lynx's genomics technology(especially its bead-based system for parallel analyses of large cDNA librariesand genomic DNA molecules or fragments) to study corn, soy-beans, wheatand rice; goal is to develop new crop varieties and crop protection products


DuPont gets access to Lynx's technologies; Lynx gets $60M over 5 yearsfor certain analyses, milestones and delivery of genomic map of certaincrop; Lynx gets initial payment of $10M and at least $12M over next 3 years(11/98)

Hoechst Marion Roussel and its affiliate, Hoechst Schering AgrEvo GmbH(Germany)

AgrEvo subscribed to Lynx's gene expression technologies: Megaclone,Megasort, and Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing


Activation of agreement allows AgrEvo to access, for a fee and minimumyearly subscription payments, a number of Lynx technologies to which Hoechstearlier secured non-exclusive access rights for itself and its affiliates;Lynx will receive $2M from AgrEvo for access in the agricultural field;additional payments would be due if Hoechst or another affiliate activatesrights to access the technologies in the pharmaceutical field (4/99)

Maxygen Inc.*

Pioneer Hi-Bred International (NYSE:PHB)

Maxygen will use its "DNA shuffling" technology to generate gene productsfor Pioneer to use in development of specific crop protection and qualitygrain traits in corn, soybeans and other crops

$85M (Equity; percent ND)

Pioneer made $5M equity investment and $2.5M in initial payments; Pioneerwill also provide $27.5M over 5 years for research and technology development;agreement provides other possible payments up to $50M related to commercialsuccess (1/99)

Microcide Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: MCDE)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Expansion of 3/96 antibiotic research collaboration to include focusedeffort to discover and develop new classes of antibiotics specificallydesigned for animal health applications


Pfizer will provide research funding, milestone payments and royaltieson sales of any marketed products (1/99)

Molecular Applications Group*

Monsanto Co. (NYSE:MTC)

MAG will use its technology to predict gene and protein function toidentify and prioritize targets for agricultural and pharmaceutical applications


ND (4/99)

Molecular Simulations Inc. (subsidiary of Pharmacopeia Inc.)

Hoechst Schering AgrEvo GmbH (Germany)

AgrEvo gains access to suite of MSI software for design and optimizationof biologically active compounds


ND (1/99)

Peptech Ltd. (ASX:PTD; Australia)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Agreement to develop methods for large-scale manufacture of Peptech's3rd-generation, long-acting implant for reversible castration of companionanimals (contains deslorelin, synthetic variant of gonadotropin-releasinghormone)


Pfizer will fund initial 12-month program of clinical research, aswell as development of manufacturing methods and research program at Peptech;Pfizer gets exclusive access to implant technology, for which Peptech getsupfront fee; if milestones reached, project will be continued in expandedform (12/98)

Pharmacopeia Inc.

Novartis Crop Protection (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland

Collaboration in agrochemicals; use of Pharmacopeia's ECLiPS technology(combinatorial chemistry) to provide small-molecule compounds for screeningas crop protection products


Pharmacopeia will provide compounds, which Novartis will screen forproduct leads; Pharmacopeia gets payments for each library provided, milestonesand royalties (12/98)

Phytopharm plc (U.K.)

Heska Corp. (NASDAQ:HSKA)

Evaluation and license option agreement on Phytopharm's botanical compounds(whole or partially purified extracts of medicinal plants) for use in companionanimal health products


Heska gets exclusive right to evaluate one of Phytopharm's compoundsand option to develop and market it in North America; if Heska exercisesoption, Phytopharm gets licensing fee, milestones and royalties; Phytopharmretains manufacturing rights; Heska will also evaluate future compoundsfor use in animal health (11/98)

ProdiGene Inc.*

Genencor International Inc., a joint venture between Eastman Chemical Co.(NYSE:EMN) and Cultor Ltd. (Finland)

Expanded collaboration begun in 10/97 to develop additional enzymes; alliance combines ProdiGene's expertise in producing recombinant proteins in transgenic plants with Genencor's enzyme technologies


ProdiGene will receive funding from Genencor for R&D of new product candidates, in addition to other undisclosed payments (3/99)

Proteome Systems Ltd.* (Australia)

Dow AgroSciences LLC (division of Dow Chemical Co.; NYSE:DOW)

Dow and AgroSciences will collaborate on several proteomics projects, including characterization of new class of proteins being developed by Dow and novel pathways in the biosynthesis of plant products; the goal is to develop plants with improved nutrient content


Multi-year agreement; details ND (2/99)

Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (SDI; NASDAQ:SDIX)

Monsanto Co. (NYSE:MTC)

SDI licensed from Monsanto technology for use in test kits that detect genetically modified traits in crops that may have been used as food ingredients; SDI launched a test for Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide-tolerant trait in soya food ingredients in 1Q:99


ND (4/99)

United Biomedical Inc.*

Merial Ltd. (U.K.; a Merck & Co. Inc./Rhone-Poulenc SA company; NYSE: MRK, RP)

License agreement on United Biomedical's synthetic peptide-based luteinizing hormone vaccine for prevention of boar taint


ND (12/98)

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; ASX= AustralianStock Exchange

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for publicbiotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stockreport For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.