Amount (M)

Investors (Month)

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc. (4th round)

Exton, Pa.


The company raised $10.4M from BB Biotech in this self-managed financing (1/98)

Acadia Pharmaceuticals (other)

San Diego


The company received $1.4M from the exercise of certain warrants held by the group of institutional investors that participated in its 1st financing round (2/97); these included BankInvest, Dansk Kapitalanlaeg A/S, LD Pension Fund and Municipal Employee Life Insurance Co. (note: the company completed a 2nd financing round in 8/97) (2/98)

Acadia Pharmaceuticals (3rd round)

San Diego


The company raised $10.7M through a placement of Series D preferred stock with European investors, led by ABN AMRO Ventures BV; previous investors included Dansk Kapitalanlaeg A/S, Municipal Employees Life Insurance Co. and LD Pensions; Handelsbanken Markets Corporate Finance served as the placement agent (8/98)

Acorda Therapeutics Inc. (3rd round)

Hawthorne, N.Y.


Acorda placed 7.47M shares of Series E preferred stock with a group of institutional investors, led by BB Bioventure Fund and Vector Fund Management; also participating were MSC Capital Corp. and New York Life (10/98)

AeroGen Inc. (4th round)

Sunnyvale, Calif.


J.P. Morgan Investment Management led this Series D financing; also participating were existing investors U.S. Venture Partners and InterWest Partners, institutional clients of J.P. Morgan Investment Management and other new investors MF Private Capital Inc., INVESCO Funds Group Inc., Wheatley Associates and Viridian Capital (9/98)

Argonex Inc. (1st round)

Charlottesville, Va.


Argonex raised $7.5M from lead investor Healthcare Ventures LLC and other (unnamed) venture capital investors (6/98)

Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH (1st round)

Cologne, Germany


New investors in this financing included FEI Biomedicine Private Equity Holding, Atlas Venture, Life Science Ventures, Oxford Bioscience Partners, Max Planck Gesellschaft, Advent and Forward Ventures (9/98)

Atugen Biotechnology GmbH (start-up funding)



Atugen Biotechnology was formed by Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc.; investments of $50M over the next 5 years will come from the private sector, led by MPM Asset Management, as well as the German government; MPM Asset will lead the initial venture capital investment of $7M; Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals will retain a majority ownership in Atugen (6/98)

AvMax Inc. (1st round)

Berkeley, Calif.


Investors in this round included Biotechnology Value Fund LP and affiliates, Four Partners LP and Charter Ventures LP; under certain undisclosed terms, AvMax could receive an additional $10M (1/98)

Axiom Biotechnologies Inc. (other)

San Diego


JAFCO Co. Ltd. bought $3M in Axiom equity (5/98)

Base4 Bioinformatics Inc. (1st round)



Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc. formed Base4 as a subsidiary in 1996; in this round of financing, the company raised US$3.14M from a group of investors including BioCapital Investments LP, Tera Capital LP and Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc.; Allelix¿s stake has been reduced to less than 50% (prices converted at a rate of C$1.43/US$1) (1/98)

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (1st round)

Novato, Calif.


BioMarin Pharmaceutical was formed in 1996 by Glyko Biomedical Ltd.; it raised $10M in a series of private placements, including $5M from BB BioVentures LP; also participating were Glyko Biomedical (which holds a 40% stake) and Grosvenor Capital (1/98)

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (2nd round)

Novato, Calif.


BioMarin raised $11M in a series of private placements; major investors included BB BioVentures LP, BankInvest, Glyko Biomedical Ltd. and Grosvenor Capital (7/98)

Caliper Technologies Corp. (4th round)

Palo Alto, Calif.


Investors in this financing round included current investors and partners Lombard Odier & Cie, Genesis Merchant Group Securities and Hewlett-Packard Co. (6/98)

Cell Pathways Inc. (6th round)

Horsham, Pa.


Cell Pathways had registered for an initial public offering in 10/97, but withdrew the offering in 4/98, citing market conditions; instead, it raised $18M from existing qualified institutional investors as well as new institutional investors; new investors included Canaan Partners, CEO Ventures, PEC Israel Economic Corp., Susquehanna Financial Group and Discount Bank and Trust Co.; existing investors included New York Life, Goldman Sachs Partners Fund, Gem Capital Management and Jackson Boulevard Partners (5/98)

Cellomics Inc. (formerly BioDx Inc.) (1st round)



This financing round was led by InterWest Partners and Axiom Venture Partners and included Delphi Ventures and Oxford Bioscience Partners (2/98)

Cerebrus Ltd. (2nd round)

Wokingham, U.K.


Cerebrus raised US$17.21M (#10.5M) in this financing round from all of its existing institutional shareholders as well as 3 new, U.K.-based institutional investors (not disclosed) (3/98)

Chromagen Inc. (4th round)

San Diego


Principal investors in this Series E preferred stock offering included JAFCO Co. Ltd., Scope Industries, Goldenpacific Equities Ltd., Biocare Corp. and Smart Technology Ventures I (9/98)

Ciblex Corp. (1st round)

San Diego


Ciblex Corp. was spun out of Prizm Pharmaceuticals Inc. (which has merged with Matrigen Inc. and is now called Selective Genetics Inc.); the 1st financing round was led by Falcon Technologies Inc. and included Domain Partners III, Biotechnology Investments Ltd. and Biotechvest LP (6/98)

Cognetix Inc. (4th round)

Salt Lake City


Zesiger Capital Group LLC sponsored this financing round; Cognetix received $4M upfront and will get an additional $2M on the achievement of near-term milestones (6/98)

Compugen Ltd. (2nd round)

Tel Aviv, Israel


Clal Biotechnology Industries led this financing round, which included other new investors Hapoalim Investments, Ampal, Evergreen Funds and Cayrex Private Equity (12/98)

Copernicus Gene Systems Inc. (1st round)

Cleveland, Ohio


This financing round was led by Biotechnology Development Fund and included GeneChem Technologies Venture Fund (in conjunction with A.M. Pappas & Associates), Nina Kung Wang¿s Veron International and the Ariane Health LDC Investment Fund (in conjunction with Muzinich & Co.) (1/98)

Coulter Cellular Therapies Inc. (2nd round)



The company raised $16M through the placement of preferred shares with new investors Advanced Technology Ventures, Crown Advisors and the WHC Trust; they were joined by previous investors InterWest Partners, Brinson Partners and MedVenture Associates (9/98)

CropDesign NV (1st round)

Ghent, Belgium


GIMV-Biotech Fund Flanders co-led this financing round, with additional funds being contributed by Sofinnova (8/98)

CytoLogix Corp. (2nd round)

Cambridge, Mass.


The principal investors in this financing round included Advanced Technology Ventures, Oxford Bioscience Partners, Hambrecht & Quist, Massachusetts Technology Development Corp. and the Community Technology Fund of Boston University; these same investors participated in CytoLogix¿s 1st-round financing in 1/98 (12/98)

CytoMed Inc. (mezzanine-plus)

Cambridge, Mass.


The company placed $17.1M in convertible preferred stock with new investors Schroder Ventures Life Sciences, Oracle Strategic Partners, BioAsia Investments and WPG Farber, as well as previous investors Stiefel Laboratories, Atlas Venture, Healthcare Ventures, CIP Capital and Gateway Partners; Punk Ziegel managed the transaction (2/98)

Cytovia Inc. (1st round)

Irvine, Calif.


Cytovia was spun off from CoCensys Inc. in 1/98; in this 1st financing round, it raised $10M from Domain Associates, Crosspoint Venture Partners, Sanderling Ventures and Forrest, Binkley & Brown (4/98)

Del Mar Medical Technologies Inc. (1st round)

San Diego


Investors in this round included Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, and Technology Partners (10/98)

Delsys Pharmaceutical Corp. (2nd round)

Princeton, N.J.


Delsys raised $14.5M in an oversubscribed placement of preferred stock to original investors HealthCare Ventures, Rho Management and Hudson Trust as well as new institutional investors, including CenterPoint Ventures and Prism Venture Partners (9/98)

Deltagen Inc. (2nd round)

San Carlos, Calif.


This financing round was led by the Sprout Group and included investments by Baccharis Capital and Tularik Inc. (9/98)

Diversa Corp. (formerly Recombinant Biocatalysis Inc.; 3rd round)

San Diego


This round of financing included new investors New York Life Insurance Co., the State of Michigan Retirement Fund, Benefit Capital Management Corp. and CSK Venture Capital Co. Ltd; existing investors, who contributed $10M (half the total) included HealthCare Ventures LLC, Patricof & Co. Ventures Inc., The CIT Group/Venture Capital, Rho Management and Hudson Trust (2/98)

Dyax Corp. (2nd round)

Cambridge, Mass


This financing round was led by HealthCare Ventures LLP and Alta Partners; new investors included Rho Management Trust, Genzyme Corp., Charter Growth Capital and ING Baring Furman Selz; existing investors included Loeb Partners, BancBoston Ventures, Hambrecht & Quist and New York Life Insurance Co.; ING Baring Furman Selz and Pacific Growth Equities Inc. acted as placement agents for a portion of the financing (11/98)

Dynavax Technologies Corp. (2nd round)

Berkeley, Calif.


New investors in this Series B financing included Axiom Venture Partners, BancAmerica Ventures and Biotechvest LP; they were joined by previous investors Alta Partners, Forward Ventures, InterWest Partners and Sanderling Ventures (8/98)

Ekos Corp. (2nd round)

Bothell, Wash.


This Series B financing round included new investors Bessemer Ventures (which led the round) and Prizm Venture Partners; it also included current investors The Spray Venture Fund, Weiss, Peck and Greer Venture Partners, MedVenture Associates, Technology Partners and Arch Venture Partners (6/98)

EpiGenesis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (1st round)

Durham, N.C.


Muzinich & Co. Inc. arranged a private placement of $2.5M of EpiGenesis¿ stock, mostly with European institutional investors; the financing could expand to $5M within 2 years (2/98)

Esperion Therapeutics Inc. (start-up financing)

Ann Arbor, Mich., and Stockholm, Sweden


Esperion Therapeutics was founded by Scheer & Co. Inc. and Oak Investment Partners; the latter led the $15.5M venture capital round, which also included TL Ventures and HealthCap AB (7/98)

Eurogene Ltd. (1st round)



Merlin Fund, the venture capital fund of Merlin Ventures Ltd., invested US$5M (#3M) in Eurogene, which Merlin Ventures established in 6/97 through a collaboration with University College London and the University of Kuopio, Finland (3/98)

Evotec BioSystems GmbH (other)

Hamburg, Germany


Evotec raised $25.4M in a private placement with institutional and private investors; the financing includes an option of $4M, which should be completed in 2H:98; participants in the financing included new investors Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Private Equity and Hamburger Sparkasse, and previous investors Techno Venture Management and co-founders Leidenberger and Schulte (3/98)

FeRx Inc. (2nd round)

San Diego


FeRx received $7.25M in venture capital financing, including $3.5M from Brentwood Venture Capital; the remainder was raised from private investors (10/98)

Gamera Bioscience Corp. (1st round)

Medford, Mass.


The company raised $7M in two tranches through a Series A preferred stock financing; new investors Oak Investment Partners and BancBoston Ventures joined existing investors The Spray Venture Fund, Advent International and Bessemer Venture Partners (5/98)

Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc. (1st round)

New Haven, Conn.


Genaissance raised $10M through the placement of Series A convertible preferred stock with the Biomedicine Group, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Connecticut Innovations, Merifin Capital and Winchester Healthcare (8/98)

GeneScape Inc. (1st round)

Mississauga, Ontario


GeneScape raised US$0.66M through a sale of equity to Royal Bank Capital Corp. and the Business Development Bank of Canada (prices converted at a rate of C$1.51/US$1) (9/98)

Genome Pharmaceuticals Corp. GmbH (seed round)

Munich, Germany


The company raised US$5.7M (DM10M) in state and government support as part of its seed financing (it raised US$3.5M in 10/97, also); in the current tranche, the Bavarian state funding agency Bayern Kapital GmbH and the federal funding agency Technologie-Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft GmbH der Deutschen Ausgleichsbank each invested US$2.85M (DM 5M) (2/98)

GlycoDesign Inc. (3rd round)



Nine Canadian venture capital organizations participated in this financing round; new investors included Bank of Montreal Capital Corp., BioCapital Investments Limited Partnership, Ventures West VI Limited Partnership and Triax Growth Fund; existing investors included the Canadian Medical Discovery Fund, MDS Health Ventures Inc., Working Ventures Canadian Fund, Royal Bank Capital Corp. and the Business Development Bank of Canada (prices converted at a rate of C$1.43/US$1) (5/98)

Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc. (start-up financing)

Mountain View, Calif.


Microcide Pharmaceuticals Inc. formed Iconix as a genomics/genetics company; Iconix raised $12.5M in equity financing from Abingworth Management, Institutional Venture Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Microcide has a 35% stake in the new company and will provide Iconix with additional $6.1M in R&D funds over 3 years in a collaboration on antiviral agents (1/98)

Immuno-Designed Molecules (3rd round)



The company raised $15M from a group of existing and new shareholders, including Apax Partners, Atlas Venture Fund III, Banexi Ventures and CDC Innovation as well as Paribas (9/98)

Insmed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (2nd round)

Richmond, Va.


Insmed raised $14.5M from major investors the Teknoinvest Funds and BioAsia Investments; also contributing were existing shareholders and private individuals in the U.S. and Europe; Prospektiva Investments acted as the placement agent (7/98)

Islet Technology Inc. (3rd round)



This round, like the company¿s others, was financed primarily by individual investors (not identified) (11/98)

IsoTis BV (formerly Matrix Medical BV) (2nd round)

Bilthoven, the Netherlands


The financing was led by existing shareholder Atlas Venture (which provided the company with $0.5M in 6/97) and included new investors GIMV and 3i plc (1/98)

IsoTis BV (3rd round)

Bilthoven, the Netherlands


Existing shareholders Atlas Ventures, GIMV and 3i plc participated in this financing round (9/98)

Kosan Biosciences Inc. (2nd round)

Burlingame, Calif.


Kosan sold $15M in convertible preferred stock to new investors, led by S.R.One Ltd. and including the Goldman Sachs Group, Lombard Odier and AG-Biotech Capital; they were joined by current investors Alta Partners, Sofinnova, Walden and Kosan co-founder Daniel Santi (4/98)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (1st round)

The Woodlands, Texas


Lexicon raised $31.8M through a Series A convertible preferred stock financing; the placement was managed by Punk, Ziegel & Co. and co-led by Patricof & Co. Ventures Inc. and Apax Partners & Co. Ventures Ltd.; new investors included Sofinov, Bay City Capital, the Walden Group, GeneChem, S.R. One Ltd. and WPG-Farber, Present Fund; current stockholders Gordon Cain (Lexicon¿s chairman), BCM Technologies and others also participated (5/98)

The Medicines Co. (3rd round)

Cambridge, Mass.


Morgan Stanley Venture Partners served as lead investor for this round of financing; as well, the company¿s 2 largest shareholders, E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co. Inc. and Biotech Growth SA, bought 36 percent of the new shares issued; other new investors included Alta Partners, affiliates of Moore Capital Management and Credit Suisse Asset Management; they were joined by existing investors Hanseatic Corp. and The Medicines Co.¿s management; BancAmerica Robertson Stephens acted as the placement agent (8/98)

MediGene AG (3rd round)

Munich-Martinsreid, Germany


Participants in this financing included new investors Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Bankhaus Vontobel, Atlas Venture, Dieckell GmbH, Merifin Capital and TBG Technologiebeteiligungsgesellschaft der Deutschen Ausgleichsbank; they were joined by existing shareholders TVM Techno Venture Management, Star Ventures, Alpinvest and a private investor group; the financing includes options for convertible loans of $2.3M and a long-term loan of $6.6M (9/98)

Message Pharmaceuticals Inc. (1st round)

Malvern, Pa.


Investors in this financing round included GeneChem Technologies Venture Fund LP, Euclid Partners IV, S.R. One Ltd., Anthem Capital LP and Oxford Bioscience Partners (9/98)

Metabolex Inc. (4th round)

Hayward, Calif.


The lead investor in this financing round was Lombard Odier & Cie; other participants included Banca della Svizzera Italiana and investors from New York (7/98)

MethylGene Inc. (2nd round)



MethylGene raised US$11.21M in this financing round; participating were founding investors Le Fonds de Solidarit des Travailleurs du Quebec, Societe Innovatech du Grand Montreal and Investissement BioCapital Inc; also participating were new investors Sofinov, GeneChem Technologies Venture Fund LP, Canadian Medical Discovery Fund Inc., Royal Bank Capital Corp. and Dacha Capital (prices converted at a rate of C$1.41/US$1) (3/98)

Microscience Ltd. (1st round)



Merlin Fund, the venture capital fund of Merlin Ventures Ltd., invested US$4.17M (#2.5M) in Microscience, which Merlin Ventures established in 5/97 through a collaboration with The Royal Postgraduate Medical School (3/98)

Modex Therapeutics SA (2nd round)

Lausanne, Switzerland


This financing round was oversubscribed; a group of European investors, led by Atlas Venture, Banexi Ventures, 3i plc and Novartis Venture Fund were joined by current investors Alta Partners, Alta Berkeley and Lombard Odier Immunology Fund (4/98)

Molecular Applications Group Inc. (ND)

Palo Alto, Calif.


Investors in this financing round included Bay City Capital, Coral Ventures, Delphi Ventures, Medicus Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures and private investor Timothy Springer (4/98)

NetGenics Inc. (2nd round)

Cleveland, Ohio


The financing was led by International Biotechnology Trust plc and a large, U.S.-based institutional investor; also participating were WPG-Farber Present Fund LP, OrbiMed Advisors LLC, John Pappajohn, Edgewater Private Equity, Oxford Bioscience Partners, Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc., Venrock Associates, Crystal Internet Venture Fund and Casdin Life Sciences Partners; Hambrecht & Quist LLC acted as the placement agent (3/98)

Neuralab Ltd. (formed by Elan Corp. plc) (start-up funding)

Dublin, Ireland


Neuralab and its parent, Elan Corp., raised $50M through a private placement of 1.25M units; each unit consists of 1 share of Neuralab, 1 warrant to purchase 1 common share (equal to 1 American Depositary Share; ADS) of Elan at an exercise price of $65.01 and 1 additional warrant to buy 1 ADS at a price to be determined; the warrants cannot be exercised for 2 years; Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette acted as the placement agent (2/98)

Neurotech SA (2nd round)



New investors, which accounted for 70% of the total financing in this round, were led by 3i plc and included GIMV, IMH, Private Equity Holdings AG, Sudinnova and Banque de Vizille; existing investors participating in this round included Atlas Venture, Sofinnova Partners, CDC Innovation and Codexi; the total raised was FFr82M ($14.5M) (11/98)

NitroMed Inc. (mezzanine)

Bedford, Mass.


Rho Management led this financing round, which included new investors Goldman Sachs, Boston University¿s Community Technology Fund, Curran Partners and Senmed Medical Ventures as well as existing investors HealthCare Ventures LLC and Johnson & Johnson Development Corp. (5/98)

Novirio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (start-up financing)

Cambridge, Mass.


This financing was led by BB Bioventures LP and managed by MPM Asset Management (12/98)

Ontogeny Inc. (mezzanine-plus)

Cambridge, Mass.


This financing was led by Vulcan Ventures and other existing investors: Charles River Ventures, Greylock Management, Highland Capital Partners, J.H. Whitney & Co., affiliates of Medical Science Partners, New York Life Insurance Co., OneLiberty Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Alex Zaffaroni; they were joined by new investors Atwill Holdings Ltd., Fujigin Capital Co., Moss Forest Venture, Muzinich & Co., New England Partners, New Medical Technologies, and five select individual investors (12/98)

OraPharma Inc. (2nd round)

Warminster, Pa.


Existing investors participating in this financing round (Series C stock) included Oak Investment Partners, Canaan Partners, TL Ventures and Frazier & Co.; new investors were led by Domain Associates and included HealthCap KB, Biotechnology Investments Ltd. and SenMed Medical Venture (12/98)

OraTol Ltd. (start-up funding)



OraTol was spun out of Cortecs plc; 3-year financing of $8.2M was provided by Atlas Venture, JAFCO, Kokusai Finance Co. Ltd., Saito, Ito & Partners Co. Ltd. and 1 other (unnamed) investment fund; Cortecs retains a 75% stake (prices converted at an exchange rate of #0.61/US$1) (6/98)

Orchid Biocomputer Inc. (3rd round)

Princeton, N.J.


Orchid raised $27.5M through a Series C convertible preferred stock financing, which was led by Orbimed Advisors LLC and the Invesco Funds Group. Other investors included Oxford BioScience Partners, WPG Farber, Millennium Ventures of Motorola Inc. and SmithKline Beecham plc (4/98)

Osiris Therapeutics Inc. (other)



Osiris received $8M in guaranteed financing from Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.; Alexandria bought Osiris¿ research labs and pilot GMP stem cell production facilities from 3rd parties and guaranteed $8M to Osiris for future lab and stem cell production improvements (10/98)

Oxagen Ltd. (1st round)

Abingdon, U.K.


Oxagen raised #8.2M ($13.7M) from new investors 3i plc and Advent Ltd. and previous investors The Wellcome Trust, the University of Oxford and 2 unnamed private investors (4/98)

Pangaea Pharmaceuticals Inc. (3rd round)

Cambridge, Mass.


Lombard Odier Cie led this financing round; seed investor Walden Group and European Medical Ventures also participated in the financing (8/98)

Pangea Systems Inc. (2nd round)

Oakland, Calif.


This Series C financing round was led by MDS Capital Corp. and Boston Millennia Partners; also participating were previous investors Institutional Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, as well as new investors Levensohn Capital Management and Moss Forest Ventures (12/98)

Paradigm Genetics Inc. (1st round)

Research Triangle Park, N.C.


Paradigm Genetics received $6M in its 1st round of venture financing from Intersouth Partners, Polaris Venture Partners and Innotech Investments Ltd. The company also secured $6M in venture lease financing with TransAmerica Business Credit and Phoenixcor Financial Services (7/98)

Pharming Group NV (mezzanine)

Leiden, the Netherlands


Investors participating in this round, which occurred over the last 2 quarters, included ABN Amro Participants BV, which invested $6.5M and NPM Capital, which invested $5.5M; existing shareholders, including Abingworth, Advent, Atlas Venture, Biotech Fund Flanders, Hambrecht & Quist Capital Management, SED Ventures, SITRA Finland and the University of Leiden, together contributed $7M; also, the American Red Cross invested $4.5M and smaller investors (not named) contributed $0.5M (total $24M, at exchange rate of NLG2/US$1) (4/98)

Physiome Sciences Inc. (2nd round)

New York, NY


The company received $10M from a group of institutional and private investors in a self-managed financing; investors included Oxford Bioscience Partners, S.R. One. Ltd., INVESCO Trust Co., Hambrecht & Quist and Genesis Merchant Group (1/98)

Phytera Inc. (4th round)

Worcester, Mass.


This oversubscribed financing round included new institutional investors from Denmark, Sweden and the U.S. as well as some of Phytera¿s early venture capital investors (none of which was named); Carnegie Bank A/S acted as the placement agent (6/98)

Quantum Biotechnologies Inc. (2nd round)



The company raised US$4.8M in the second closing of a US$6.45M financing; investors included Fonds du Solidarite des Travailleurs de Quebec, BioCapital, Pictet, CDC Innovation, Royal Bank Investment Management and other private investors (prices converted at a rate of C$1.55/US$1) (11/98)

ReGen Therapeutics plc (mezzanine round)



The company raised $3.5M from institutional and private investors just prior to the trading its shares on OFEX (an unregulated trading facility) (9/98)

ReNeuron Ltd. (1st round)



Merlin Fund, the venture capital fund of Merlin Ventures Ltd., invested US$8.3M (#5M) in ReNeuron, which Merlin Ventures established in 7/97 through a collaboration with King¿s College London (3/98)

Reprogen Inc. (1st round)

Irvine, Calif.


Reprogen¿s current investors Oxford Ventures and GIMV were joined in this round by new investors UBS and GeneChem (2/98)

Reprogen Inc. (1st round)

Irvine, Calif.


The company raised $1.4M in the 2nd tranche of its financing, bringing the total to $6.5M (the 1st tranche closed 2/98); new investors included Life Science Ventures and Hambrecht & Quist LLC (4/98)

RTP Pharma Inc. (4th round)



Current investors Caisse de Depot et de Placement du Quebec, Societe Generale de Financement du Quebec and Elan Pharmaceuticals (a corporate collaborator) were joined by other (unnamed) investors in this round (prices converted at an exchange rate of C$1.47/US$1) (6/98)

RTP Pharma Inc. (5th round)



The company raised $3.5M from EGS Partners and Credit Agricole (8/98)

Scriptgen Pharmaceuticals Inc. (3rd round)

Waltham, Mass.


Scriptgen sold $12M of convertible preferred stock to new investors Sofinov and a fund managed by International Biomedicine Partners (12/98)

Sequenom (2nd round)

San Diego and Hamburg, Germany


Sequenom raised $17.8M through a combination of debt and equity funding; equity participants include Lombard Odier Zurich Ltd., Golbal Life Sciences, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, S.R. One Ltd., Merifin Capital and a German government-affiliated entity; also participating in this round were previous investors Techno Venture Management, Alpinvest International and Star Ventures Management (1/98)

Structural Bioinformatics Inc. (3rd round)

San Diego


The company raised $5.2M of a $6M equity financing on 2/27/98, with the remainder expected to close in 30 days; this round was led by Dansk Kapitalanlaeg Aktieselskab and the Danish Development Finance Corp. and included Biotechnology Development Fund, New York Life, Veron International Ltd. and E.J. Financial, among others; the company also closed a $1.5M debt financing for its office in Denmark (3/98)

Telik Inc. (mezzanine-plus)

South San Francisco


Telik, formerly Terrapin Technologies Inc., raised $10.5M from new investor International BM Biomedicine Holdings Inc. and long-term investor Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co. Ltd. (11/98)

Theralipids Inc. (1st round)



BioCapital Investment led this financing; Sofinov also participated (prices converted at a rate of C$1.44/US$1) (5/98)

Vascular Therapeutics Inc. (3rd round)

Mountain View, Calif.


Vascular Therapeutics and its Canadian affiliate raised $12.55M in this financing round; the financing was led by BioAsia Investments; other new investors included EGS Private Healthcare Partnership, Royal Bank Capital Corp. and AGF Management; previous investors participating in this round included MDS and its associated funds, Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund, Working Ventures Canadian Fund and Medicus Venture Partners (7/98)

Vinifera Inc. (other)

Portland, Ore.


Vinifera, a majority-owned subsidiary of Agritope Inc., sold 0.9M shares of common stock to its minority shareholders for $1.8M; in conjunction with the financing, Agritope exchanged $4M of working capital loans for 2M shares of Vinifera¿s common stock, increasing its equity stake from 61 percent to 64 percent (8/98)

ViroLogic Inc. (2nd round)

South San Francisco


ViroLogic raised $12.6M by selling preferred stock to new investor Biotech Growth SA (a subsidiary of BB Biotech AG) as well as current shareholders The Capital Group and Soros Fund Management (8/98)

Vitagen Inc. (formerly Hepatix Inc.) (4th round)

La Jolla, Calif.


Vitagen (formerly Hepatix) raised $3M in a Series B offering to lead shareholders Chase Capital Partners LP, Alta Partners LP, Woodlands Essex, Venture Medical Holdings and Paragon Ventures (6/98)

Xcyte Therapies Inc. (2nd round)



Xcyte raised $12M in a placement of preferred stock with existing investors Alta Partners, The Sprout Group, ARCH Venture Partners and Sofinnova; new investors participating in this round included Tredegar Investments, Vulcan Northwest, Fluke Capital Management and Falcon Technology Partners (7/98)

Xenogen Corp. (2nd round)

Alameda, Calif.


Xenogen sold $6.5M of Series B preferred stock to Harvard Private Capital, Delphi Bioventures and Brentwood Associates Management Partners (3/98)

XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. (5th round)

Rehovot, Israel


New investors in this private placement included Biotechvest, Goldman Sachs and Nomura International; they were joined by current shareholders Medica and Biotechnology Investments Ltd. (Rothschild) (8/98)