Company**ProductDescriptionIndicationType Action (Date)
Aphton Corp. andGastrim-Vaccine for treating Pancreatic cancerInitiated Phase III trials in
Pasteur Merieuxmunecancers driven by hor-Canada (11/19)
Connaught Canadamone gastrin; consists
(unit of Rhone-Poulencof synthetic peptides
SA; NYSE: RP; France)bound to carrier
Diatide Inc. andNeoTectSmall molecule syntheticIn vivo imaging agent forNycomed submitted market-
Nycomed peptide labeled with suspected malignant tumorsing application to European
Amersham plc technetium-99m; peptideof the lungMedicines Evaluation Agency
(U.K.)designed to adhere to (11/23)
somatostatin receptor
Genta Inc.G 3139Anticode (antisense) Hormone-refractory, Initiated new Phase I/IIa
compound; synthetic metastatic prostate cancertrial in Canada (11/17)
DNA strands that bind (combination therapy with
to mRNA for bcl2 genemitoxantrone)
GlycoDesign Inc.*GD 0039Orally active smallRenal cell carcinoma Health Canada approved
(Canada)molecule compound(cancer resistant to 1st-lineexpansion of Phase II trial to
that inhibits key carbo-chemotherapy)include patients with colo-
hydrate processingrectal cancer (11/25)
enzymes in tumor cells
Maxim Pharma-MaxamineMaxamine (H2 receptorAdvanced renal cellInitiated Phase II trial in
ceuticals Inc. andTherapyagonist) combined withcarcinomaSweden, Denmark and U.K.
BioNative AB*BioNative's natural cyto-(11/30)
(Sweden)kine Interferon Alfanative
and interleukin-2
Novopharm NovoMAb-Recombinant, pan-car-Recurrent non-Hodgkin'sCompleted patient enrollment
Biotech Inc. (TSE:G2 scFvcinoma-specific human B-cell lymphomain Phase I Canadian trial
NVO; Canada)monoclonal antibody (11/17)
(2nd generation)
Progen IndustriesPI-88Retailored polysaccharide Various cancersInitiated Phase I trial in U.K.
Ltd. (NASDAQ:with a sulfate chain at-(11/5)
PGLAF; Australia)tached; thought to stop
action of heparinase
(tumor cell enzyme
that allows penetration
of blood vessels)
Ribi ImmunoChemMelacineTherapeutic cancer Stage IV melanomaCompany withdrew European
Research Inc.vaccine made of lysedmarketing application, after
cells from 2 human mela-European Agency For Evalu-
noma cell lines with aation of Medicinal Products
broad array of melanomasaid that company would have
antigens, combined withto conduct additional Phase III
Detox adjuvantstudies before it would
continue review of application
Hemosol Inc. HemolinkHighly purified hemo-Blood substitute inCompleted patient recruitment
(TSE:HML; Canada)globin extracted fromrenal dialysis patientsin North American Phase II
outdated human donor(co-administered with trial (11/30)
blood, then cross-linkederythropoietin)
to form stable hemo-
globin molecule
NeurobiologicalMemantineOrally administeredSevere dementia in theReported results of Phase III
Technologies Inc.N-methyl-D-aspartateelderly, including trial conducted by Merz in
and Merz + Co.receptor antagonistAlzheimer's diseaseGermany; results show statis-
GmbH & Co.(prevents over-activationtically significant improvement
(Germany)of the receptor)in functional independence (11/12)
BioChem PharmaZeffixNucleoside analogueChronic hepatitis BPresented combined data from
Inc. (Canada) and(a.k.a.(oral dosage)virus infection in adults4 Phase III trials in Asia (in
Glaxo Wellcome lamivudine)(monotherapy)patients with variant viral
plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.)strains) at the American
Association for the Study of
Liver Diseases (AASLD)
meeting in Chicago (11/9)
BioChem PharmaHeptovirNucleoside analogueChronic hepatitis BApproved for marketing in
Inc. (Canada) and(a.k.a.(oral dosage)virus infection in adultsCanada (11/30)
Glaxo Wellcome lamivudine)
plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.)
Chiron Corp. MenCConjugate vaccine Meningococcus C infectionResults of Phase II Canadian
vaccineagainst Meningococcus;in children (infants andtrial published in 11/18/98
links polysaccharide toddlers)issue of the Journal of the
antigen of MenC strain to American Medical Association
a diphtheria antigen(11/17)
The Liposome AbelcetAmphotericin B lipidInvasive fungal infectionsApproved for marketing in
Co. Inc.complex (injection)(2nd-line therapy)Singapore (11/6)
SciClone Pharma-ZadaxinSynthetic version ofChronic hepatitis B virusPresented results of Phase II trial
ceuticals Inc.(thymosinnaturally occurring pep-infection (combination (conducted in Hong Kong in im-
alpha 1)tide hormone thymosintherapy with nucleosidemune-tolerant Chinese patients)
(immunomodulator)analogue famciclovir)at the AASLD meeting (11/4)
SciClone Pharma-ZadaxinSynthetic version ofChronic hepatitis B virusPresented results of Phase II
ceuticals Inc.(thymosinnaturally occurring pep-infection (combination trial conducted in Hong Kong
alpha 1)tide hormone thymosintherapy with nucleosideat AASLD meeting (11/5)
(immunomodulator)analogues famciclovir
and lamivudine)
Synsorb BiotechSynsorb PkOrally delivered carbo-Treatment of pediatricPresented results of open-
Inc. (Canada) and hydrate attached to inert,enterohemorrhagic label study conducted in
Takeda Chemical insoluble support; bindsE. coli infections, includingJapan at 28th Eastern Regional
Industries toxins secreted byhemolytic uremic syn-Meeting of the Japanese Soc-
(Japan)bacteria in the gastro-drome (co-administered iety of Nephrology in Tokyo
intestinal tractwith antibiotics)(11/23)
Vertex Pharma-AgeneraseAmprenavir; 2nd-genera-Combination therapy Glaxo submitted application
ceuticals Inc. andtion HIV protease inhib-with Retrovir (AZT) andfor marketing approval in
Glaxo Wellcome itor; twice-daily dosageEpivir (3TC) for HIVEuropean Union (11/2)
plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.)infection and AIDS in
adults and children
Pharming Group Recombinant human Pompe's disease (lyso-Initiated Phase II trial in the
NV (EASDAQ:PHAR;alpha-glucosidasesomal storage disroder)Netherlands (11/9)
the Netherlands)(produced in milk of
transgenic rabbits)
Protein DesignZenapaxDaclizumab; human-Prevention of acute organCommittee For Proprietary
Labs Inc. andized monoclonal anti-rejection in kidney trans-Medicinal Products recom-
Hoffmann-body (SMART Anti-plant patientsmended approval in European
La Roche Inc.TAC) that binds to theUnion (11/30)
interleukin-2 receptor
on activated T cells
This chart is intended to provide a monthly update on theclinical and regulatory status of biotech and biotech-related productsin development in countries other than the U.S., whether those productsare being developed by U.S.-based or non-U.S.-based firms.
TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for publicbiotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld StockReport For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 9-10.

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