April 1998 - June 1998#
Biotech Company** Product Pharma Partner Type Arrangement/Geographic Area/
(Country) (Country) Details (Date)
Access Aphthasol (amlexanox Block Drug Co. Access licensed marketing rights to prod-
Pharmaceuticals oral paste 5% for treat- (NASDAQ:BLOCA) uct for all markets except U.S., Japan and
Inc. (OTC Bulletin ing aphthous ulcers; Israel; Access will share in international
Board:AXCS) FDA-approved) product revenues and assume international
responsibility for sublicensing, regulatory
approvals and new product development;
parties will share certain regulatory and
development costs (6/98)
Alza Corp. Ditropan (oxybutynin Procter & Gamble Alza acquired Canadian marketing rights
chloride) for treating Pharmaceuticals Canada and also acquired right to use Ditropan
urge urinary inconti- (subsidiary of The trademark in Canada with other Alza pro-
nence (Alza submitted Procter & Gamble ducts; Hoechst Marion Roussel will man-
NDA in 12/97 on an Co.; NYSE:PG) and ufacture and package product; Alza will
OROS controlled- Hoechst Marion Roussel submit marketing application for Ditropan
release formulation of Inc. (subsidiary of XL in Canada (4/98)
product, Ditropan XL) Hoechst AG; Germany)
American Thrombus precursor Shield Diagnostics Ltd. Shield will distribute product in U.K.
Biogenetic Sciences protein (TpP) diagnostic (U.K.) (4/98)
Inc. kit; immunoassay that
measures soluble fibrin;
for diagnosing blood
clot formation
Anesta Corp. Product line of oral Laboratoire L. Lafon Lafon has exclusive right to market, sell
transmucosal fentanyl (France) and distribute products in France (6/98)
products, including
Actiq (for treating
breakthrough pain in
cancer patients)
Anika Therapeutics Orthovisc (hyaluronic Zimmer Inc. (subsid- Expansion of 11/97 marketing agreement
Inc. (NASDAQ:ANIK) acid) for treating osteo- iary of Bristol-Myers to include sales, marketing and distribution
arthritis of the knee Squibb Co.; NYSE: in Europe, Scandinavia and Latin America;
(FDA accepted PMA BMY) Anika gets $3.5M in licensing fees, includ-
for filing 2/98) ing $1.5M up front (6/98)
Bio-Technology BioLon (1% solution Akorn Inc. Akorn gets license to distribute and market
General Corp. of sodium hyaluronate) (NASDAQ:AKRN) product in U.S. (4/98)
for use in ophthalmic
surgical procedures
(i.e., cataract removal)
Bio-Technology Serono's line of Serono Laboratories Bio-Technology General will comarket
General Corp. pediatric growth pro- Inc. (member of the products in U.S. and get share of revenues;
ducts: Saizen (recom- Ares-Serono Group; further details ND (5/98)
binant human growth Switzerland)
hormone for treating
growth hormone defic-
iency in children);
Geref (growth hormone
releasing hormone for
treating idiopathic
growth hormone
deficiency in children);
and Geref Diagnostic
(for diagnosing growth
Biota Holdings Ltd. Biota's AB FLU OIA PanBio Pty Ltd. PanBio will market and distribute product
(ASX:BTA; (optical immunoassay; (Australia) in Australia; Biota retains worldwide mar-
Australia) rapid point-of-care keting rights outside Australia and U.S.
diagnostic test for (5/98)
influenza strains A and
B as well as variants)
Cellomics Inc.* Integrated systems and Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH Exclusive worldwide comarketing, manu-
services for drug dis- (Germany) facturing and sales agreement on combined
covery process (com- products and services (4/98)
bines Cellomics' high-
content screening
systems with Zeiss'
screening system)
Centocor Inc. Avakine (infliximab; Schering-Plough Corp. Schering-Plough gets exclusive marketing
chimeric monoclonal (NYSE:SGP) rights worldwide except in U.S., Japan and
antibody to tumor parts of the Far East; Centocor gets $20M
necrosis factor alpha) up front and $30M in milestones tied to
for treating Crohn's international approvals; companies will
disease (MAA sub- divide profits on sales and share certain
mitted in Europe 3/98; development expenses; Centocor retains
FDA advisory panel U.S. marketing rights for all indications;
recommended approval Centocor retains right to copromote (4/98)
5/98) and rheumatoid
arthritis (Phase III
trial ongoing)
Cephalon Inc. Modafinil (oral formu- Nippon Shoji Kaisha Nippon Shoji will develop and market
lation of synthetic com- Ltd. (Japan) product in Japan; Cephalon gets milestones
pound that is thought and royalties (6/98)
to affect alpha-adre-
nergic receptors in the
brain) for treating
Chiron Corp. Rabipur (cell culture- Hoechst Marion Roussel Formation of joint venture in India, to be
based rabies vaccine) Inc. (subsidiary of called Chiron Behring Vaccines Private
and other vaccines Hoechst AG; Germany) Ltd. and owned 51% by Chiron and 49%
by Hoechst Marion Roussel; joint venture
will manufacture Rabipur and other
vaccines; Hoechst Marion Roussel will
market products in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka
and Bangladesh; Chiron will market in
rest of world; Hoechst Marion Roussel will
also market certain other Chiron vaccines,
including for hepatitis A virus infection (5/98)
Chiroscience Group Chirocaine (long-acting Zeneca Group plc Zeneca gets exclusive license to market
plc (U.K.) local anesthetic that (LSE:ZEN; U.K.) product worldwide, except Japan; Chiro-
contains levobupiva- science responsible for registering product
caine) for use in wide in Europe and U.S.; Zeneca will take on
range of surgical all further marketing responsibilities and
procedures fund Phase IIIb/IV trial as well as register
product in remaining territories; Zeneca gets
exclusive rights to Chirocaine trademark;
Chiroscience retains right to manufacture
active ingredient; Chiroscience retains
rights in Japan and rights to other uses of
levobupivacaine; Chiroscience gets royal-
ties on Zeneca's sales; separately, Zeneca
bought 3.5M shares of Chiroscience at
$7.12 each for $25.1M total (3.17% equity
stake) (3/98)
Cortecs plc (U.K.) Macritonin (oral form- Glaxo Wellcome AEBE Glaxo will distribute product in Greece;
ulation of salmon (Greece; unit of Glaxo Cortecs gets milestones and sales minima
calcitonin) for treating Wellcome plc; NYSE: of $14M; Glaxo will participate in registra-
postmenopausal GLX; U.K.) tion process in Greece (Cortecs submitted
osteoporosis marketing application in 10/97); Cortecs
will manufacture and supply product (5/98)
Cortecs Diagnostics Helisal OneStep rapid Becton Dickinson & Co. Becton Dickinson will distribute products
Ltd. (subsidiary of test (for detecting (NYSE:BDX) in U.S.; agreement allows for addition of
Cortecs plc; U.K.) Helicobacter pylori other territories; companies will collaborate
infection) and Link2 to develop other products using Cortecs'
infectious mononucleosis one-step technology (6/98)
rapid test (point-of-care)
Helisal OneStep Boehringer Mannheim New distribution agreement that replaces
(rapid point-of-care GmbH (Germany) former exclusive rights held by Boehringer
assay for Helicobacter with nonexclusive rights to distribute prod-
pylori infection) uct outside Japan (6/98)
Cygnus Inc. GlucoWatch (noninva- Becton Dickinson & Co. Termination of 2/96 marketing and distri-
sive, continuous glucose (NYSE:BDX) bution agreement, based on reevaluation
monitoring device for by both companies of long-range business
management of diabetes) strategies and consideration of changes in
diabetes monitoring arena that have occur-
red since original agreement signed (3/98)
Cytogen Corp. Quadramet (radio- The DuPont Merck Termination of 12/94 licensing agreement
pharmaceutical Sam- Pharmaceutical Co. for DuPont Merck to market product in
arium 153 EDTMP for (was joint venture, but U.S.; in 5/98, parties accused each other of
treating bone pain asso- in 5/98 DuPont agreed breach of agreement, but by 6/98 the agree-
ciated with bone metas- to pay $2.6B to buy out ment had been terminated; DuPont Merck
tases; FDA-approved Merck's half interest) has initiated efforts to find new marketing
3/97) partner for Cytogen; DuPont Merck paid
Cytogen $3.8M and will manufacture prod-
uct over next 2 years; Cytogen will begin mar-
keting directly to cancer centers (5/98; 6/98)
CytRx Corp. Flocor (purified pol- Abbott Laboratories Abbott will manufacture Flocor on commer-
oxamer 188; surfactant) (NYSE:ABT) cial scale; Abbott will sterile-fill Flocor for
for improving blood CytRx and will manage its part of the chem-
flow in ischemic tissue istry, manufacturing and controls (CMC)
section of planned NDA filing (4/98)
Dendreon Corp.* DACS 300 System Fresenius Critical Care Fresenius will market and distribute prod-
(facilitates preparation International (unit of uct worldwide (4/98)
of CD34-positive cells Fresenius AG; Germany)
from peripheral blood)
Draxis Health Inc. Lilly's drug Permax Eli Lilly Canada Inc. Draxis renewed its 1994 agreement to
(Canada) (pergolide mesylate, (unit of Eli Lilly and Co.; exclusively market drug in Canada; Lilly
a D1 and D2 dopamine NYSE:LLY) will manufacture product and supply it to
receptor agonist) for Draxis exclusively for marketing and distri-
treating Parkinson's bution in Canada; terms for 10 years with auto-
disease matic yearly renewals thereafter; Draxis will
make fixed payments to Lilly of $6M over 5
years, plus additional variable payments (5/98)
Enzon Inc. Oncaspar (native L- Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Expansion of 12/93 marketing agreement;
asparaginase modified Inc. (subsidiary of Rhone- Rhone-Poulenc Rorer will now market prod-
with polyethylene gly- Poulenc Group; France) uct in Pacific Rim (as well as other terri-
col) for treating acute tories) (5/98)
lymphoblastic leukemia
Immunex Corp. Nuvance (soluble Hoechst Marion Immunex acquired product rights outside
interleukin-4 [IL-4] Roussel Inc. (subsid- North America (it already held North
receptor) plus 3 other iary of Hoechst AG; American rights to all 4 molecules from a
soluble receptors (IL-1 Germany) 1990 agreement between the parties);
receptor types 1 and 2 Immunex will pay Hoechst Marion Roussel
and IL-7 receptor) a 1-time fee of $10M as well as royalties on
product sales (4/98)
Immunex's generic IVX BioScience Inc. Companies will collaborate to market each
paclitaxel (extracted (formerly IVAX Corp.; other's paclitaxel products in U.S.; IVX
from all parts of AMEX:IVX) acquired Immunex's ANDA for paclitaxel
cultivars of Pacific (submitted 8/97) in exchange for unspeci-
yew trees) and IVX's fied cash payment; IVX also will acquire
branded paclitaxel Immunex's inventories of bulk product;
Paxene (extracted from if FDA approves Immunex's ANDA, it
needles and limb stock gets royalties on sales; Immunex will pro-
of ornamental yew mote IVX's Paxene (if FDA-approved) and
trees), both for treat- will earn fees on product sales; transaction
ing various cancers subject to antitrust considerations (6/98)
The Liposome Co. Astra's MVI-12 unit Astra USA Inc. 3-year agreement; The Liposome Co. will
Inc. vial (injectable multi- (subsidiary of Astra manufacture Astra's product; Astra will
vitamin product used by AB; Sweden) supply bulk product and will market fin-
severely ill hospitalized ished product; financial terms ND (4/98)
patients in need of nutri-
tional supplements)
Abelcet (amphotericin B Wyeth-Ayerst Inter- Wyeth-Ayerst will market product in
lipid complex) for treat- national Inc. (division Austria (already markets Abelcet in
ing severe systemic of American Home France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway,
fungal infections Products Corp.; Denmark and Iceland) (4/98)
Matritech Inc. NMP22 test kit for Organon Teknika Marketing and distribution in Spain and
management of patients Espanola SA (Spain; Portugal (4/98)
with bladder cancer unit of Akzo Nobel
(enzyme immunoassay NV; the Netherlands)
that measures cancer-
specific nuclear matrix
protein antigens in
urine; FDA-approved
Molecular Ultrasound contrast Chugai Pharma- Chugai gets exclusive license to market
Biosystems Inc. imaging agents FS069 ceuticals Ltd. (Japan) products in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea;
(2nd-generation cardiac Molecular Biosystems gets $14M up-front
imaging agent) and license fee and $20M in milestones; Chugai
Oralex (oral imaging will buy undisclosed equity stake in Molec-
agent for upper gastro- ular Biosystems and pay royalties on prod-
intestinal tract) uct sales (4/98)
Neoprobe Corp. Gamma-guided surgery Ethicon Endo-Surgery Agreement has initial term of 1 year;
products (portable radio- Inc. (a Johnson & John- Ethicon will promote and sell products as
isotope detector and son company; NYSE: well as train physicians in use of device;
14 mm and 19 mm JNJ) its initial territory is U.S., but expansion to
reusable probes for Europe, Japan and Australia is planned
gamma-guided lympha- (4/98)
tic mapping and min-
imally invasive sur-
gery for cancer)
Neose Technologies Use of Neose's multi- Bristol-Myers Squibb Neose will manufacture complex carbo-
Inc. transferase reaction Co. (NYSE:BMY) hydrates for 2 oncology vaccines being
technology to produce developed by Bristol-Myers; further details
complex carbohydrates ND (6/98)
in large quantities
Neurex Corp. Corlopam (dopamine Crystaal Corp. (subsid- Crystaal will obtain regulatory approval for
receptor agonist that iary of Biovail Corp.; drug and market it in Canada (4/98)
causes dilation of TSE:BVF; Canada)
blood vessels) for
treating short-term
hypertension (FDA-
approved 9/97)
Phyton Inc.* Use of Phyton's plant Bristol-Myers Squibb Companies have been collaborating on
cell fermentation tech- Co. (NYSE:BMY) commercial plant cell fermentation technol-
nology for commercial- ogy since 1993; Phyton granted Bristol-
scale manufacturing of Myers an exclusive license in 1995; now
paclitaxel (active ingre- the companies intend to develop manufac-
dient in Bristol-Myer's turing process for paclitaxel; Phyton gets
FDA-approved anti- funding, milestones and royalties (6/98)
cancer product Taxol)
Qiagen GmbH (sub- Organon's NASBA Organon Teknika Qiagen gets nonexclusive worldwide
sidiary of Qiagen NV; technology (nucleic (Belgium; unit of Akzo license to develop, manufacture and market
the Netherlands) acid sequence-based Nobel NV; the Nether- NASBA reagent kits to research market
amplification) for lands) (3/98)
research purposes
SciClone Zadaxin (thymosin alpha Sclavo SpA (Italy) SciClone acquired marketing approval in
Pharmaceuticals 1; synthetic version of Italy for Zadaxin as vaccine adjuvant and
Inc. naturally occurring hor- marketing application in Italy for non-
mone thymosin) for small cell lung cancer from Sclavo (to
use as vaccine adjuvant which it had sublicensed those rights in
and for treating non- 1997); SciClone also acquired all of
small cell lung cancer Sclavo's development and marketing rights
in Spain and Portugal; SciClone paid in the
aggregate $1.84M for these rights ($0.3M
cash; 0.38M shares SciClone stock for
$1.54M and 2-year warrants for 0.38M
shares SciClone stock) (4/98)
Scios Inc. Natrecor (genetically Bayer AG (Germany) Bayer gets exclusive worldwide rights to
engineered version of market product; Scios will supply drug to
naturally occurring Bayer; Scios will manage Phase IIIb clin-
cardiac hormone human ical trials; Bayer will manage further
B-type natriuretic worldwide development and commercial-
peptide) for short-term ization; Scios has option to participate in
treatment of congestive further drug development; Scios gets $20M
heart failure (NDA sub- up-front cash payment and cash milestones
mitted 4/98) up to $40M total on regulatory approvals
in U.S., Europe and Japan; Scios also gets
payments for supplying drug; Scios has
option to copromote in U.S. after 3 years
Janssen's antipsychotic Janssen Pharmaceutica Scios will copromote drug; further details
drug Risperdal (risperi- NV (Belgium; subsid- ND (5/98)
done) iary of Johnson &
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)
Wyeth-Ayerst's anti- Wyeth-Ayerst Labor- Termination of 4/96 agreement for Scios to
depressant drug Effexor atories (division of copromote product in U.S.; agreement
(venlafaxine HCl; American Home terminated by mutual consent (5/98)
serotonin and nor- Products Corp.;
epinephrin reuptake NYSE:AHP)
Sequus Amphotec (a.k.a. Faulding Pharma- Exclusive 5-year agreement for Faulding to
Pharmaceuticals Amphocil; lipid-based ceuticals (division of market, sell and distribute product in New
Inc. colloidal dispersion of F.H. Faulding & Co. Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia
amphotericin B) for Ltd.; Australia) (5/98)
treating systemic fungal
Unigene Fortical Injection Tzamal Pharma Ltd. Tzamal gets exclusive license to distribute
Laboratories Inc. (recombinant (Israel) product in Israel and surrounding area;
salmon calcitonin) Unigene gets revenues from sales of fin-
for treating osteo- ished product to Tzamal; Tzamal will reg-
porosis ister product and distribute it to managed
care and private markets (3/98)
Vanguard Medica Frovatriptan (sero- SmithKline Beecham SmithKline Beecham terminated its mar-
Ltd. (U.K.) tonin 5-hydroxy- plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) keting agreement on the drug; all rights
tryptamine [5HT] return to Vanguard; SmithKline gets roy-
antagonist) for treat- alties on sales (5/98)
ing migraine
Viragen Inc. Human white blood Southern Health Southern Health has option to acquire
cell-derived natural SDN.BHD (Malaysia and exclusive private-label license to
interferon Australia) Viragen's production process for interferon;
Viragen gets $0.2M option fee (option
expires 9/30/98); if exercised, Viragen gets
up-front license fee of $20M and a continu-
ing 12% royalty; Southern required to
begin building at least 1 production
facility in its territories (Australia, New
Zealand and several Asian countries, but
excluding China and Japan) within 1st 2 years;
Southern responsible for funding and con-
ducting clinical trials in its territories (4/98)
# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 3/25/98 and 6/15/98.
ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; LSE = London Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 16-17.