If keeping abreast of news events affecting the medical device and diagnostics industries can help meet the strategic goals of your business, you'll be interested in stories with information like this:

* A Friday deadline for the Mutual Recognition Agreement talks, set by President Clinton, European Commission President Jacques Santer and European Union President John Bruton at their December summit, looks increasingly unrealistic.

Or this:

* Medical device companies that are focused on developing new technology without paying attention to the role of payers and providers in the health care equation not only are missing the target * they're about to miss the boat.

Or this:

* The German Federal Ministry of Health has implemented vast increases in the fees charged . . . for diagnostic product approvals and subsequent batch testing.

Or this:

* The Invacare-Healthdyne saga began in early January, when Invacare sent a private, "we'd like to buy you" letter to Healthdyne.

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