Published March 27 & April 3 (EPO); March 21 & 28 (WO); April 3(GB)

Alabama, Univ. of Stem cell gene WO 96/08560

Birmingham, Ala. therapy

Hematopoietic stem cells transfected with adeno-associated viralvectors; for cellular gene therapy.

American Red Cross Transgenic WO 96/09377

Washington Factor VIII

Transgenic animals with Factor VIII and von Willebrand Factor geneexpression directed to milk.

Applied Res. Systems gp130 splice WO 96/09382

Curacao, variant

Netherlands Antilles

Splice-variant of gp130 that lacks the transmembrane domain,encoding gene; for preimplantation development.

Bayer Attenuated EPO 704 533

Leverkusen, Germany vaccination viruses

Influenza viral RNA molecules containing foreign genes; for makingattenuated vaccination viruses.

Bayer Insulin-dependent WO 96/09317

Pittsburgh aminopeptidase

Gene for insulin-dependent membrane aminopeptidase, encodedprotein; for treating insulin resistance.

Baylor Coll. Med. Streptococcus WO 96/08569

Houston immunotherapy

Streptococcus cysteine protease, fragments, encoding genes; fordetection and immunotherapy.

Bergeron et al. Universal WO 96/08582

Sillery, Que. pathogen detection

DNA-based methods for universal detection of common bacterialpathogens and antibiotic resistance genes.

Boman, Hans Peptide antibiotic WO 96/08508

Stockholm, Sweden

Gene for a peptide antibiotic that inhibits bacterial growth in man andanimals, encoding gene.

British Columbia, Univ. of Antigen WO 96/09380

Vancouver, B.C. presentation enhancement

Enhancing processing/presentation of MHC Class I molecules withantigens using transporter protein gene transfection.

British Technol. Grp. Muscular dystrophy GB 2 293 604&

London treatment WO 96/09373

Dermal fibroblasts implanted into muscle which causes dystrophinexpression; for treating muscular dystrophy.

California, Univ. of Inflammatory WO 96/09388

Oakland, Calif. bowel disease

Surface antigens from Campylobacter jejuni and antibodies to theseantigens; for inflammatory bowel disease treatment.

Cardiac CRC Nominees GAG-degrading WO 96/08559

St. Leonards, Australia antisense

Antisense molecules against glycosaminoglycan (GAG)-degradingenzymes; for disease treatment.

Ciba-Geigy Malfolded proteins WO 96/08561

Basel, Switzerland

Method of detection of malfolded proteins, measurement of amountof malfolding, detection of malfolding compounds.

City of Hope Multidrug resistance WO 96/08558

Duarte, Calif. ribozyme

Ribozyme for degrading genes involved in the multidrug resistancephenotype; for enhancing chemotherapy.

Contra Costa Fat globule WO 96/08565

Cancer Res. Fund antibodies

Walnut Creek, Calif.

Humanized and variant antibodies to a human fat globule antigen; forimmunodiagnostic methods.

Cytogen Abtides WO 96/09411

Princeton, N.J.

Antigen binding peptides (abtides) isolated from libraries by usingantigenic epitopes bound by antibodies.

Dompe IL-1 receptor WO 96/09323

l'Aquila, Italy antagonists

Genes for IL-1 receptor antagonists, encoded proteins; for enhancedinhibitory action.

Finkelstein et al. Topographic WO 96/09410

Aspinwall, Penn. genotyping

Isolation of a section from a fixed tissue specimen; for PCR-basedgene isolation and search for mutations.

Fuji Immunopharma Immunofusin WO 96/08570

Lexington, Mass. secretion

Production methods using immunoglobulin fusions for expressionand secretion of recombinant proteins.

Harvard Univ. EPH receptor WO 96/09384

Cambridge, Mass. ligand

EPH receptor ligand; for formation/maintenance of spatialarrangement of differentiated tissues in vertebrates.

Helsinki Univ. Tyrosine kinase WO 96/09381

Helsinki, Finland promoter

Promoter sequences for an endothelial cell receptor tyrosine kinase;for diagnosis and therapy.

Hitachi Chemical Chlamydia WO 96/09320

Tokyo antigen

Antigenic polypeptide of Chlamydia pneumoniae, encoding gene,antibodies; for detection.

Human Genome Sciences Inositol WO 96/08557

Rockville, Md. monophosphatase

DNA encoding human inositol monophosphatase II, encoded protein;for treating psychotic/depressive disorders.

Human Genome Sciences Transcription WO 96/09311

Rockville, Md. factor IIA subunit

DNA encoding the small subunit of human transcription factor IIA,encoded factor; for transcription regulation.

Immunomedics Antibody WO 96/08506

Morris Plains, N.J. radiotherapy

Fusion proteins with targeting and labeling domains; for radioactivelytagging therapeutics.

Immunomedics PEG-radiolabeled WO 96/09325

Morris Plains, N.J. antibodies

PEG-modified radiolabeled antibodies; for tumor detection withreduced renal uptake and retention.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Integrin chain WO 96/08564

Hlth. Med. Res.) a1 antibodies


Humanized antibody to integrin chain a1, encoding DNA, expressionmethods.

Japanese Cancer Inst. Steroid WO 96/09324

Tokyo hormone-like protein

Gene coding for a steroidal hormone-like protein, encoded protein;for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Krebs Res. Inst. DNA damage WO 96/08571

Heidelberg, Germany detection

Gene for polyADP-ribose polymerase, host cells; for detection ofDNA-damaging substances.

Maryland, Univ. of Calcium-free WO 96/09396

College Park, Md. subtilisin mutants

Subtilisin mutants that do not require calcium for activity; encodinggenes.

Mass. Inst. Technol. Anti-sickling WO 96/09385

Cambridge, Mass. a-globin

Sickle cell gene therapy methods using high level expression of anti-sickling a-globin proteins in erythroid cells.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Baculoviruses for WO 96/09074

Boston gene therapy

Recombinant gene expression in mammalian cells using abaculovirus vector; for gene therapy.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Protein WO 96/09378

Boston overexpression

Overexpression of mammalian and viral proteins using genes withpreferred codon replacements.

Max Planck Inst. Modified WO 96/08562

Munich, Germany neurotropins

Genes for biologically active molecules derived from neurotropins,encoded proteins; for neurologic disease.

Max Planck Inst. IgA protease WO 96/09395

Berlin mimics

Pathogen antigenic proteins with similarities to IgA protease; fortreating autoimmune and viral diseases.

Merck Human WO 96/09375

Rahway, N.J. papillomavirus type 6A

DNA encoding human papillomavirus type 6A, encoded proteins; fordetection.

Miltenyi Biotech Fetal cell WO 96/09409

Auburn, Calif. enrichment

Enrichment of fetal cells from maternal peripheral blood usingantibody-coated magnetic beads; for genetic testing.

Mozetic Francky, A. Macrophage WO 96/09389

Ljubljana, Slovenia MIF

Gene for macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), encodedprotein; for production in bacteria.

Murray et al. Pathogenic WO 96/08579

Palmerston North, mycobacteria detection

New Zealand

Probes to specific mycobacterial sequences; for detection ofpathogenic species.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) 5-flurouracil WO 96/08568

Bethesda, Md. toxicity

Gene for dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase; for detecting cancerpatient risk of toxic reaction to 5-fluorouracil.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Artificial organ WO 96/09372

Bethesda, Md. culture system

Endothelial and epithelial cell layers separated by a porousmembrane with both cell layers being bathed in nutrients.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) 5HT receptor WO 96/09386

Bethesda, Md. alleles

Gene alleles of the serotonin 5HT receptor, encoded proteins,antibodies; for detection of allelic variation.

Otsuka Pharma Transcription EPO 704 526

Tokyo factor gene

Human transcription factor IIIA gene, encoded protein; fordiagnosing cancer and hereditary diseases.

Pasteur Inst. Leishmania EPO 703 295

Paris vaccine

BCG strain containing a fused leishmania membrane protein gene;for vaccination.

Pliva Modified insulin EPO 704 527

Zagreb, Croatia genes

Gene for insulin precursors with modified C-peptide, encodedprotein, preparation method.

Progenitor Hematopoietic WO 96/08510

Columbus, Ohio receptor

Human hematopoietic receptor, encoding gene, host cells engineeredto produce the protein; for prenatal testing.

Promega Magnetic mRNA WO 96/09313

Madison, Wis. purification

Purification of mRNA from other cellular nucleic acid by usingcolloidal magnetic particles.

Reynolds Technol. Squalene WO 96/09393

Winston-Salem, N.C. synthetase

Gene for squalene synthetase from Nicotania benthamiana, encodedprotein; for sterol synthesis.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer T7 bacteriophage WO 96/08572

Antony, France vectors

Expression vectors based on T7 bacteriophage promoter; forrecombinant protein production.

Ribozyme Pharma Alipoprotein WO 96/09392

Boulder, Colo. (a) ribozymes

Ribozymes that cleave alipoprotein (a) mRNA; for treatment of heartdisease.

Schering Modified pallidipin WO 96/08563


Modified pallidipin, encoding gene; for inhibiting collagen-inducedplatelet aggregation.

SmithKline Beecham Human WO 96/09374 & 09408

King of Prussia, Penn. galactokinase

Gene for human galactokinase and variants, encoded proteins,expression vectors, host cells; for diagnosis and therapy.

Somatix Chimeric WO 96/09399

Alameda, Calif. adenovirus vectors

Chimeric adenovirus vectors with heterologous genes; for genedelivery and genetic disorder treatment.

Sumitomo Pharma Gene therapy EPO 704 534

Osaka, Japan vectors

Cotransfection with viral vectors containing the recombinase geneand its recognition sites; for gene therapy.

Systemix Genetically modified WO 96/09400

Palo Alto, Calif. stem cells

Genetic modification of stem cells using vectors containing thevesicular stomatitis virus G-glycoprotein.

Taisho Pharma Cancer growth EPO 703 242

Tokyo inhibition

Tumor cell proliferation inhibiting factor isolated from human tumorcells, method of production.

Taisho Pharma Hepatocyte WO 96/09383

Tokyo proliferating substance

Gene for hepatocyte proliferating substance, encoded factor,expression vector, host cells; for production.

Texas, Univ. of Photosensitive WO 96/09315

Austin, Tex. DNA cleavage

DNA cleavage by photosensitive texaphyrins that are targeted tospecific sequences with oligonucleotide probes.

Transgene Cellular implant WO 96/08574

Strasbourg, France gene therapy

Genetically modified cellular implant with therapeutic protein genecontained in an adenoviral vector.

Tosoh Collagen assay EPO 704 458


Type IV collagen antibodies; for incorporation into a kit fordetermining serum levels.

Tsang et al. Colon carcinoma WO 96/08514

Bethesda, Md. antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies against colon carcinoma-associated antigens;for detection and therapy.

U.S. Surgical Chimeric osteogenic EPO 704 532

Norwalk, Conn. proteins

Chimeric proteins with pharmacologically active and extracellularmatrix protein domains; for osteogenesis.

Upjohn Selectin ligands WO 96/09309

Kalamazoo, Mich.

Oligosaccharide structure of a specific ligand for E- and P- selectin,derived ligands and carbohydrates.

Whitehead Inst. Biomed. Res. Magnetic WO 96/09379

Cambridge, Mass. DNA purification

Solid phase DNA purification and isolation using functional group-coated magnetic microparticles.

Wolf, H. Parvovirus vaccine WO 96/09391

Starnberg, Germany

Human parvovirus DNA sequences that code for the non-structuralprotein, encoded protein, antibodies; for vaccine.

Worcester Fdn. Biomed. Res. Differentiation WO 96/09387

Shrewsbury, Mass. factor cancer therapy

Expression vector with a gene encoding a differentiation factorreceptor; for tumorigenicity reduction.

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