PENDING PATENTSBioWorld Today here continues its occasional listings of governmentagencies seeking industrial licensees to commercialize their biotech-related research and development inventions. Commercializationrights are offered by the National Institutes of Health, Office ofTechnology Transfer (OTT). Announcements of the following sixopportunities were published in recent weeks in the Federal Register.

To obtain licensing information, and copies of the pending U.S.patent applications listed below, contact OTT licensing specialistsindicated.

National Institute Of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Diseases

Chromatin Insulator For Human Gene Therapy

DNA fragment protects expressed genes from cis-acting regulatorysequences in mammalian cells, for transgenic technologies andhuman gene therapies. "Invention may represent large potentialsavings for licensees constructing transgenic cell lines or animals."

Application: 08/283,125

Filed: 7/29/94

Inventors: J.H. Chung, et al.

Contact: Joseph Contrera, (301) 496-7056, ext. 244

National Cancer Institute

Azo Dye Derivatives Combat HIV Infection

Pure preparation of azo stilbenes displays broad antiviral activity,including HIV. Previously, such antiviral dyes resisted purification oftheir anti-HIV compounds.

Application: 08/479,540

Filed: 6/7/95

Inventors: R.D. Haugwitz, et al.

Contact: Cindy Fuchs, (301) 496-7735, ext. 232

Amido-Substituted Anti-HIV Stilbenes

Aroylanaline dye derivatives prevent replication of retroviruses,notably HIV, in human T cells, without staining tissue. Inventionteaches compound synthesis, pharmaceutical formulations, methodsfor treating viral infection.

Application: 08/390,057

Filed: 2/17/95

Inventors: R.D. Haugwitz, et al.

Contact: Gloria Richmond, (301) 496-7056, ext. 268

Hepatitis A Protective Vaccine

Attenuated hepatitis A virus (HAV), mutant of wild-type strain,elicits serum-neutralizing antibody production in chimpanzees,hence, is suitable for human vaccine development. Immune serumglobulin, previously the only vaccine for preventing HAV infection,elicits only low antibody levels, so requires repeated doses.

Application: 007/822,639

Filed: 1/16/92

Inventors: R.H. Purcell, et al.

Contact: Gloria Richmond, (301) 496-7056, ext. 268

Isolating Most-Potent Antigen-Presenting Cell

Dendritic cells excel at presenting antigens to fight infections,including HIV and certain cancers. Method isolates dendritic cells ofunprecedented purity from patient's blood, by leukopheresis aspreliminary step without need for cytokine treatment followed bycountercurrent elutriation.

Application: 08/379,227

Filed: 1/27/95

Inventors: P.A. Cohen, et al.

Contact: Stephen Finley, (301) 496-7735, ext. 215

Angio-Associated Migratory-Cell Protein Binds Heparin

Crystalline peptides derived from AAMP-1 have heparin-binding andcell-adhesive properties. Potential uses include anti-clottingheparinization, wound-healing, cell adhesion to prosthetic devices.

Application: 08/083,945

Filed: 6/25/93

Inventors: M. E. Beckner, et al.

Contact: Susan Rucker, (301) 496-7056, ext. 245

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