* Mike King is a vice president at Dillon, Read & Co.Inc., of New York. His affiliation was incorrectly statedin the Nov. 22, 1995, issue of BioWorld Today.

* Seragen Inc.'s third-quarter 1995 numbers wereincorrectly stated in the Nov. 22, 1995, issue of BioWorldToday. The company had revenues of $721,000 vs.$191,000 in the comparable 1994 third quarter. Its netloss was $5.6 million vs. $5.5 million in the third quarterof 1994. Research and development expenses decreased 4percent to $3.8 million. It had $1.7 million in cash and16.5 million shares outstanding.

* Ribi ImmunoChem Research Inc., asked BioWorldToday to point out that it had $14.7 million in long-terminvestments on Sept. 30, 1995, in addition to $7.8 millionin cash and short-term investments.

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