* Oxigene Inc., of New York, said animal studies of its leadcompound, Neu-Sensamide, a neutralized formulation of thecompany's Sensamide, reduces side effects associated with thechemo/radiosensitizer's active ingredient, metoclopramide. Inaddition, Oxigene said preclinical trials showed Sensamide,combined with radiation, may enhance destruction of tumor cells.* Eli Lilly and Co., of Indianapolis, filed a marketing applicationwith the European Union's Committee for Proprietary MedicinalProducts for approval of insulin lispro, an insulin analog used intreatment of Type I and Type II diabetes. The company said itsubmitted data from Phase III trials involving more than 3,000patients to support the application.* Florida-based Polidex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.'s Canadian subsidiary,Dextran Products Ltd., of Toronto, filed an investigational new drugapplication with the Canadian Bacterial Diseases Network forclinical trials of Dextran in treatment of lung infections in cysticfibrosis patients.* Diatech Inc., of Londonderry, N.H., has received federal grants of$94,927 from the Department of Defense and $74,941 from theNational Institutes of Health. Both grants will fund development ofinfection imaging agents.* Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd., of Vancouver, Canada, received a$172,500 grant from the National Research Council of Canada tosupport development of Pneumocort for treatment of asthma.

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