CytoMed Inc. initiated its first clinical trial, and the first involving"dual function inhibitors," which inhibit both leukotrienes andplatelet activating factor, the company said Wednesday.The Cambridge, Mass., company is testing CMI-392 for treatmentof inflammation-related skin disorders in a double-blind,randomized, rising-dose Phase I trial in the U.K. The study willassess the compound's safety, tolerability and bioavailability.Thomas Beck, CytoMed's chairman and CEO, told BioWorld thatCMI-392 should be effective against a variety of skin conditions."Its unique combination of activities has created an extremelypotent anti-inflammatory molecule and truly novel alternative tosteroid treatment."Beck said he knows of no other company that has worked oninhibiting both pathways, and that preclinical data consistently hasshown the approach leads to a beneficial effect comparable tosteroids without the associated toxicities. He said the company isfinalizing a decision on which compound in the dual functioninhibitor program next will be taken into the clinic, which isexpected in 1995 in an asthma indication.CytoMed's second program involves complement inhibitors. InApril it agreed to collaborate on research and development ofinhibitors with Chiron Corp., of Emeryville, Calif. (See BioWorldToday, April 29, 1994, p. 1.) The companies want to developcomplement inhibitors such as those of the C3 and C5 convertasesfor use in trauma and serious infection. _ Jim Shrine

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