NeoRx Corp. completed the final step of a five-year effort to getready to market its OncoTrac small cell lung cancer imaging kit byentering into an agreement giving Du Pont RadiopharmaceuticalsNorth American marketing rights to the product.Du Pont, a division of The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Co., paidNeoRx $2 million, and will add $4.5 million upon FDA approval ofthe small cell lung cancer product, which is under agency review. Inaddition, NeoRx will receive undisclosed royalties on sales, andissued 269,000 shares of stock to Du Pont as part of the deal.NeoRx (NASDAQ:NERX) stock was up 50 cents, or 15 percent,Thursday, closing at $3.88 per share.Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH of Germany and its subsidiary havemanufacturing rights, and marketing rights in the rest of the world.Boehringer filed product and establishment licensing applicationswith the FDA in March.NeoRx originally filed a product license application for the productin late 1989, but its manufacturing partner went out of business in1991. NeoRx, of Seattle, later partnered with Boehringer."We've completed the commercialization strategy," RobertLittauer, NeoRx's senior vice president and chief financial officer,told BioWorld. "The manufacturing is in place, the marketing is inplace . . . the last step is FDA approval." The FDA accepted theproduct for filing in June, and "we know that it's under activereview," he said.In a separate action Thursday, Cytogen Corp., of Princeton, N.J.,signed a letter of intent with Du Pont Radiopharmaceuticalswhereby Du Pont will co-market Samarium153 EDTMP, a productbeing developed for bone pain related to cancer. _ Jim Shrine

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