Quadra Logic Technologies has received approval to sell photofrin inJapan for treatment of four cancers, giving the Canadian companyaccess to its third market for the drug, which is activated withphotodynamic therapy to destroy tumors.The Vancouver-based Quadra Logic received Canadian approval inApril 1993 to use photofrin in the treatment of superficial bladdercancer. This April, the Netherlands gave Quadra Logic permission tomarket the drug for early- and late-stage treatment of lung andesophageal cancers.The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare broadened the drug's use,approving it for treatment of early-stage lung cancer, superficialesophageal cancer, superficial and early-stage gastric cancers, early-stage cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia, which is a pre-cancerouscondition.Quadra Logic's stock (NASDAQ:QLTIF) closed Thursday at $8 ashare, up 75 cents, a more than 10 percent increase."This [approval in Japan] will be important in terms of guiding the useof the drug in other countries," said David Main, Quadra Logic'sdirector of corporate communications.Quadra Logic filed a new drug application with the FDA in April tomarket photofrin for palliation of advanced esophageal cancer.The company is marketing the drug in Japan with Lederle Ltd., whichis a subsidiary of American Cyanamid Co., of Wayne, N.J. Main saidQuadra Logic recently reacquired rights from American Cyanamid tomarket photofrin in Canada and the U.S.In Japan, Quadra Logic will receive from Lederle between 26 percentand 29 percent of gross sales of the cancer drug.Photofrin is administered by injection and is carried by lipoproteins tocancerous tumors, which have three to four times the concentration oflipoproteins than normal tissue. When the drug is activated by a fiberoptic probe, it produces toxic oxygen compounds that destroy thetumor."Since three to four times as much of the drug is in the tumor thansurrounding tissue, you don't need much light." n

-- Charles Craig

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