Immune Response Corp. said Thursday it has received exclusiverights to a potential tumor vaccine developed by San Diego RegionalCancer Center. Terms of the agreement were not detailed. In general,Immune Response will pay the San Diego center licensing fees, sharedevelopment expenses and pay royalties on any sales.Cindy Rollins, an investor relations associate at Immune Response,said the expense to her company will be less than $500,000 a yearfor the next two years. An investigational new drug application wasfiled with the FDA about two months ago and the Recombinant DNAAdvisory Committee of the National Institutes of Health hasapproved the clinical protocol for studies with colon cancer patients.Richard Bartholomew, Immune Response's senior director of appliedtechnology, said the vaccine combines tumor cells from cancerpatients with secretions of interleukin-2 cytokines from geneticallyengineered fibroblasts.According to Immune Response, preclinical studies in colon cancerhave shown the vaccine may prevent tumor growth and eliminateestablished tumors.Immune Response, of Carlsbad, Calif., said the vaccine may beapplicable to a broad range of cancers, but it initially intendsto target colon cancer. _ Charles Craig

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