- AutoImmune Inc., Lexington, Mass., was allowed a patent coveringthe use of Type II collagen to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The companyis conducting Phase II trials of an oral formulation of Type II collagen,called Colloral.- Repligen Corp., Cambridge, Mass., was awarded two broad patentscovering novel uses of AM285 (cyclocreatine) for antitumor andantiviral therapies.- Sepracor Inc., Marlborough, Mass., was granted U.S. patent No.5,324,860 covering a method for manufacturing the Jacobsen catalyst,which is useful for the cost-effective manufacture of single-isomerdrugs and drug intermediates.- Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc., Boulder, Colo., was issued two morepatents for its ribozyme technology. The patents were issued inAustralia and cover methods for cleaving single-stranded DNA and forinhibiting ribozyme biological action in animals or plants using nucleicacids or amino acids.

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