- NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc., Salt Lake City, completed the first clinicaltrial of NPS R-568, a therapeutic being developed to treathyperparathyroidism. The trial was a placebo-controlled, single-dose,dose-escalation study in healthy, post-menopausal or ovariectomizedfemales over 40.- Collagen Corp., Palo Alto, Calif., announced a cash dividend, its firstto stockholders, of 10 cents, payable on July 15 to stockholders ofrecord on June 30.- Dianon Systems Inc., Stratford, Conn., signed a joint ventureagreement with Health Sciences Research Institute, Yokahama, Japan,to offer a range of genetic and molecular diagnostic testing services inJapan.- Oncor Inc., Gaithersburg, Md., completed the acquisition of a line ofproprietary computer-imaging software from Biological DetectionSystems of Pittsburgh.- ProCyte Corp., Kirkland, Wash., reached its patient enrollment goalof 500 for two pivotal Phase III wound healing studies to test Iamin gelfor treatment of nonhealing plantar ulcers in people with diabetes.- Ecogen Inc., Langhorne, Pa., received approval to market AQ-10, abiofungicide to protect crops from powdery mildew. It is based on aproprietary isolate of the fungus Ampelomyces quisqualis.- Biodynamics International Inc., Tampa, Fla., formed a new subsidiarythat will establish operations in Florida to make its patented Tutoplastprocessing services available to U.S. tissue banks. The subsidiary isBiodynamics International (United States) Inc.- Applied Microbiology Inc., New York, extended the deadline for theexercise of its redeemable warrants from Nov. 30, 1994, to Nov. 30,1997. Terms and conditions are otherwise unchanged.- DHB Capital Group Inc., Greenvale, N.Y., acquired a minorityinterest in Darwin Molecular Corp., a Seattle-based company formed torapidly convert DNA sequence information into therapeutics.- Calgene Inc., Davis, Calif., engineered the production of trehaloseinto plants via the expression of bacterial genes encoding enzymes thatconvert glucose into trehalose.- CytoTherapeutics Inc., of Providence, R.I., received approval fromthe State of Rhode Island for the guarantee of a $2.22 million taxablebond that will be used to finance construction of 12,000-square-feet ofadditional lab space. That state has provided more than $6 million inloan guarantees and grants to help fund CytoTherapeutics growth.

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