Baxter Healthcare Corp. has submitted its first order to purchase $7million worth of PROSORBA column under an exclusive distributionagreement with the product's maker, Seattle-based IMRE Corp.PROSORBA is being marketed for the treatment of immunethrombocytopenic purpura, an immune-mediated bleeding disorder. InFebruary, IMRE negotiated a 10-year agreement giving Baxter, ofDeerfield, Ill., exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. and Canada.IMRE also distributes PROSORBA column in South America, Europeand Asia, but the vast majority of sales are in North America.Baxter's initial purchase order is part of its first-year commitmentunder the distribution agreement with IMRE. Details of subsequentshipments have not been formulated. IMRE officials said Baxter hopesto generate $50 million in revenue from the sale of PROSORBA overthe next three years. _ Charles Craig

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