Diatech Inc. has signed an agreement with Associated Universities Inc.for a royalty-bearing license to develop and market 117mSn DTPA, atin radiopharmaceutical to reduce painful bone metastases in cancerpatients.Associated Universities, operator of the Brook-haven NationalLaboratory, Upton, N.Y., holds one patent and a second applicationcovering the use of the tin isotope for bone-pain therapy for metastaticcancer, and its dosing.Diatech, of Londonberry, N.H., is developing imaging agents usingtechnetium-99m labeled peptides, a new class of imaging agents,according to Richard Dean, the company's president and CEO. "Thereason (the tin isotope) fits so well with the company is my entire staffis from the radiopharmaceutical industry," Dean told BioWorld. "Weknow how to develop these types of products."Initial studies in more than 20 patients at Brookhaven using 117mSNDTPA showed it gave partial to complete relief of pain associated withbone metastases, without producing bone marrow suppression, Diatechsaid. "If it could relieve bone pain for metastatic cancer patients, andnot have the bone marrow toxicity, it would be a very excitingproduct," Dean said.The product currently is in a Phase I/II dose-escalation trial, he said. _Jim Shrine

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