The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given Ecogen Inc.approval to market three new products designed to control insectpopulations that feed on crops. All three products are based onpheromones _ natural scents emitted by insects _ that are used toconfuse male insects and prevent mating.The products approved are: a sprayable formulation of NoMate TPW,to control the tomato pinworm on tomatoes; a hand-appliedformulation of NoMate PBW, to control the pink bollworm on cotton;and a hand-applied formulation of NoMate TABM, to control thetufted apple bud moth on apples.Ecogen, of Langhorne, Pa., says that by developing sprayableformulations suited for countries with advanced agricultural machineryand hand-applied formulations for countries that rely on manual labor,it is achieving its goal of becoming a global marketer.

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