Serologicals Inc. has appointed its first scientific advisory board toguide the company's development efforts as it prepares to go publicnext year.Dough Knowles, the company's director of marketing andcommunications, said Serologicals will emphasize three areas fordevelopment:y hyperimmunization, a form of immunization that produces veryhigh levels of circulating antibodies and has applications in thetreatment of AIDS and Lupus.y monoclonal anti-D antibodies against the "D" or Rh o Rhesusblood group antigen. Anti-D is associated with Rh negative motherswhose bodies recognize the Rh positive fetus as foreign and attackit, resulting in birth defects. Anti-D is also associated with AIDSand other disorders of the immune system.y extra-corporeal stem-cell blood-processing for the treatment ofdiseases like cancer.Serologicals' new scientific advisory board will be chaired byGeorge Shaw, professor of medicine at the University of Alabama(UAB). Other members are Albert LoBuglio; director of thecomprehensive cancer center at UAB; Richard Whitley, holder ofthe Loeb Eminent Scholar Chair in Pediatrics at UAB; and ReinSaral, professor of medicine at Emory University School ofMedicine in Atlanta.Serologicals, now based in Pensacola, Fla., will shift itsheadquarters to an 18,000-square-foot facility in Atlanta on May 31._ Philippa Maister

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