y DNA Plant Technology Corp., of Cinnaminson, N.J., said it reachedan agreement in principle to sell the assets of it environmentaldiagnostics unit, Quantix Systems L.P., to Idetek Inc., a privately-heldcompany in Sunnyvale, Calif., that focuses on food safety and animalhealth.y French company Pasteur Sanofi Diagnostics and Centocor ofMalvern, Pa., said they agreed to a worldwide distribution agreement inwhich Pasteur Sanofi will distribute five tumor markers developed byCentocor on its Access automated instrument.y Paracelsian Inc. and Pacific Liaisons formed a joint venture in whichthe companies will provide pre-screened, potential anti-cancercompounds to pharmaceutical companies. Both companies are inIthaca, N.Y.y Genelabs Technologies Inc. has initiated a Phase II/III clinical trial ofGL701-DHEA as a treatment for mild to moderate systemic lupuserythematosus. The trial will involve 200 patients at 20 centers in theU.S. It will be a double-blind, placebo-controlled study in women whorequire prednisone or other steroids for their treatment. The companybelieves its product will reduce the level of prednisone patients require.y Lidak Pharmaceuticals, of La Jolla, Calif., and its licensing partnerYamanouchi Europe, of Leiderdorp, The Netherlands, announcedTuesday that Yamanouchi has started Phase III trials in Europe on n-docosonal for the treatment of herpes labialis _ cold sores. Fourhundred patients will be included in the randomized, double-blindedstudy in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

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