Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. and American Cyanamid Company(NYSE:ACY) have signed a research agreement to develop a new classof therapeutic products for treating HIV infection. The collaborationwill draw on Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Progenics' antibody expertise andthe proprietary conjugation technology developed by Wayne, N.J.-based Cyanamid.Progenics' HIV Universal Neutralizing Antibody (UNAb) technologyhas been designed to bind to the HIV virus at its most highly conservedregion. The UNAb targets cells infected by HIV that express theGP120 protein found on the surface membrane of HIV viruses. Thecompanies will study several UNAb conjugates that specificallydestroy HIV-infected cells in the body."Under the collaboration, Cyanamid's conjugation technology will beused to attach our UNAb to a proprietary drug developed by AmericanCyanamid," said Joel Sendek, Progenics' director of corporatedevelopment. "We believe that by combining our technologies we willbe able to develop a new class of products for HIV."Sendek would not disclose financial terms of the agreement, but notedthat it was not for a specific time period. _ Philippa Maister

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