Cortech Inc. has contracted with Abbott Laboratories Inc. for thedevelopment by Abbott of a commercial manufacturing process forCortech's lead compound, which is in Phase II trials for fiveindications.The compound, Bradycor, is being developed to block the action ofbradykinin, a mediator of inflammation. The agreement also providesfor the companies to negotiate a production agreement under whichAbbott, of Abbott Park, Ill., would become a commercial supplier ofBradycor.Cortech, of Denver, already is able to produce enough of thecompound for its clinical trials, Paul Jerde, the company's vicechairman and acting CEO, told BioWorld. "Our overriding goal is to bein a position to have this process available for commercial launch.(This contract) provides a possible means of meeting potentialcommercial demand for Bradycor without incurring the risks associatedwith building and staffing a commercial facility now, before we'vedemonstrated drug efficacy or gained drug approval."Bradycor is in clinical trials for the treatment of head injury and ofsystemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) in sepsis, burn,multiple trauma and hantavirus patients. SIRS encompasses patients atrisk of shock, organ failure and death from common inflammatoryresponses to non-infectious stimuli. _ Jim Shrine

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