Sheffield Medical Technologies Inc. has finalized a $595,000agreement with CBR Laboratories Inc. (CBRL) for preclinical testingof Sheffield's liposome-CD4 technology, which was licensed inFebruary.The liposome-CD4 is being developed as a companion technology tothe Houston company's red blood cell-CD4 technology, which isdesigned to target HIV-infected blood and which the company hopes totake into a Phase II trial soon. Liposome-CD4 is designed to target thelymph nodes of HIV/AIDS patients.CBRL, a subsidiary of the Center for Blood Research Inc. and anaffiliate of Harvard Medical School, will get the funding over sixmonths for preclinical testing. Sheffield anticipates extending theagreement for further development if initial research shows promise.At some point, if liposome-CD4 and red blood cell-CD4 both showefficacy, Sheffield may look at a combination trial, Ann Levy,Sheffield's director of technology development, told BioWorld. - JimShrine

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