The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has given Syntro Corp.vector vaccine for poultry. The notice of authorization was published inthe Federal Register on April 1.The vaccine, VectorVax FP-N, is comprised of a genetically designedvirus engineered to give protection against fowlpox and Newcastledisease. It was developed as part of a collaborative program betweenSyntro of Kansas City and San Diego, and Nippon Zeon Co. Ltd., ofTokyo."We think it's the first commercial application of viral vectors in anyspecies," Susan Strobel, Syntro's vice president and chief financialofficer, told BioWorld. "This product uses the fowlpox virus intowhich has been inserted the immunity-inducing genes from theNewcastle virus. It's designed to provide strong and endurableimmunity against Newcastle and fowlpox without post-vaccinal flockreactions."Evaluating the safety of vaccines in field trials usually is the final phaseof the USDA vaccine approval process. Syntro said it will start trialsimmediately and expects final approval of the vaccine in six months.- Jim Shrine

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