Data presented by AntiCancer Inc. showed that British Bio-technology's anti-cancer agent, batimastat (BB-94), is effective inreducing metastases and primary tumor growth of human colon cancerin AntiCancer's MetaMouse model of colon cancer.AntiCancer of San Diego presented the data at the National CancerInstitute/European Organization for Research and treatment of Cancermeeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, last week. British Bio-technology will use the MetaMouse data on batimastat as part of itsinvestigational new drug (IND) application to the FDA. U.S. trials ofbatimastat are due to start later this year, AntiCancer said."The MetaMouse data provide strong support for a colon cancerindication for batimastat, and the new data suggest that batimastat hasbroad applications," said AntiCancer general manager KennethConnors. Batimastat already is in Phase I clinical trials in Europe foradvanced ovarian cancer.The MetaMouse models, which are immunodeficient mice transplantedwith human tumors on the corresponding organ, replicate the clinicalgrowth and metastatic behavior of patient tumors. Jim Shrine

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