Agricultural biotechnology companies Calgene Inc. and PlantGenetic Systems of Ghent, Belgium, are sharing patent rights tocertain of their technologies to resolve potential patent issuesbetween them, Calgene announced Friday.

Under the multiple cross-license agreements, Calgene of Davis,Calif., will obtain a non-exclusive license to patents and patentspending in areas related to Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) insect-resistance technology for use in cotton. Calgene (NASDAQ:CGNE)said it would use the technology to develop insect-resistantcottonseed in combination with its BXN herbicide-resistantcotton varieties.

Calgene plans to introduce its BXN cottonseed to a selectnumber of cotton growers this year and plans a full marketrollout in 1995. The company expects to launch a BXN/Btcombination product in 1996.

Plant Genetic Systems will acquire certain non-exclusivelicenses to use Calgene's proprietary antisense gene repressiontechnology for certain applications in rapeseed and grain crops.Calgene previously licensed the antisense technology to theMonsanto Co.

Plant Genetic Systems has developed its SeedLink crophybridization and insect-tolerance technologies for use in awide array of crops. Founded in 1982, the company hasoperations in Europe and Canada, and a joint venture in India.

-- Brenda Sandburg News Editor

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