Biopool International Inc. said Thursday that it has receivedFDA clearance to begin marketing two new blood-baseddiagnostic kits.

Spectrolyse VIII-C, which detects and quantifies the FactorVIII clotting factor in blood plasma, is useful for diagnosingand monitoring hemophiliacs. The company claims that the testoffers faster results and is easier to use than existing "clottingmethod" assays.

The second test, Bioclot LA, determines the presence of lupus-like anticoagulant (LA), a blood plasma factor frequently foundin patients with autoimmune diseases and thought to be amajor cause of thrombosis and spontaneous abortion in thesepatients.

Biopool of Ventura, Calif., manufactures and markets kits toassess and diagnose disorders of blood coagulation, fibrinolysis,platelet function and the vascular system, in addition to tests todetermine thrombotic risk factors.

The company's stock (NASDAQ: BIPL) closed at $1.50 a share onThursday, up 50 cents.

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