Zynaxis Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement withInterMedica S.A. to market Zymmune CD4/CD8 cell monitoringsystem in Spain.

The assay system developed by Zynaxis of Malvern, Pa., isdesigned to track the ratio of the two types of lymphocytes inpeople infected with HIV. While the CD8+ cell count remainsrelatively stable during the progression of AIDS, the number ofCD4+ cells declines.

The assay can be used as a tool to determine the reason for thedecrease in CD4+ levels. That is, if both CD8 and CD4 levels havedecreased, it's possible the patient is experiencing a generalreduction in white blood cells unrelated to the progression ofAIDS.

The agreement with InterMedica represents "the first of aseries of distributor agreements we expect to sign by the endof the year as part of our marketing campaign in Europe for theZymmune CD4/CD8 system," said Martyn Greenacre, chiefexecutive officer of Zynaxis (NASDAQ:ZNXS). -- Jennifer VanBrunt

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