Seragen Inc. announced that it has filed an investigational newdrug (IND) application with FDA to study its epidermal growthfactor (EGF) receptor-targeted fusion toxin DAB389EGF inpatients with solid malignancies that express the EGF receptor.

Jean Nichols, senior vice president at Seragen (NASDAQ:SRGN)of Hopkinton, Mass., said the EGF fusion toxin was "well-tolerated in both monkeys and rodents at several dose levelsand schedules. Also, growth of tumors was retarded andestablished tumors induced in rats were reduced followingDAB389EGF administration."

Seragen's interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor-targeted fusion toxin isin Phase I and II clinicals for treatment of severe rheumatoidarthritis, recent-onset Type-1 diabetes, psoriasis,chemotherapy-resistant lymphomas and HIV.

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