Neuromedica Inc. announced on Thursday that it has received anotice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Officefor a patent covering a class of pharmaceutical compounds fortreating tardive dyskinesia, a serious neurological conditioncharacterized by uncontrolled movements of the lips, tongueand jaw.

The condition occurs in more than 20 percent of patientsreceiving long-term anti-psychotic drug therapy, according tothe American Psychiatric Association. No effective and safepharmaceutical products have been approved for the condition,which can become disabling and require constant care andsupervision, said Neuromedica of Cambridge, Mass.

The patent's claims cover the treatment of tardive dyskinesiawith dopaminergic agents linked to fatty acids that promoteuptake into the brain. Neuromedica said its first product underdevelopment is Doprexin, synthesized by linking theneurotransmitter dopamine to the fatty acid docosahexaenoicacid.

This is privately held Neuromedica's third patent; the otherscovered the use of certain fatty acids as brain access carriersand the application of Doprexin to appetite suppression.

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