The National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993,signed last week by President Clinton, will end the ban on fetaltissue research by NIH grantee institutions, and will maintainthe bar on aliens infected with HIV.

The bill "reinforces my action of January 22 to lift themoratorium on transplantation research involving humansubjects using fetal tissue from induced abortions," PresidentClinton said upon signing the bill.

"This research has promising applications for the treatment oflife-threatening conditions, including Parkinson's Disease,spinal cord injuries, Huntington's and diabetes," he said.

"At the same time, (the bill) puts in place important safeguardsto ensure against possible abuses by providing a clearseparation between research and abortion," the president said.For example, it would be illegal to induce an abortion in orderto donate fetal tissues for transplant into a relative or otherspecific individual.

Regarding exclusion of infected aliens, in response to areporter's question, the president said: "That's the will of theCongress. @ We have to learn to deal with AIDS better for allour people. And for those who are near within our borders whoare not citizens we've got all we can do to do that." -- David C.Holzman

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