The specter of Hillary-Rodham Clinton permeated Alex. Brown& Sons 18th Annual Health Care Seminar here on Tuesday. Butat Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AMLN) of San Diego,the uncertainties over drug pricing under health care reformare not keeping the company's chairman, Ted Greene, up atnight.

Four million Type 1 (juvenile-onset) diabetics in the WesternWorld, and no apparent competition, assure profits for thecompany's analog of the recently discovered eponymouspancreatic hormone, he said.

"Amylin in replacement therapy is the only major clinical trialunder way which directly addresses the problem ofhypoglycemia," Greene said.

The compound seems to work by improving metabolicefficiency, said Greene. Type 1 model rats on amylin withinsulin needed less insulin than those on insulin alone. Bettercontrol of glucose metabolism could reduce blindness andkidney failure, Greene said.

Near-term goals include completion of Phase II trials, begun inFebruary, and the initiation of Phase III trials of amylin forType 1 diabetics.

-- David C. Holzman Washington Editor

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