Cel-Sci Corp. announced that it has signed a manufacturingagreement with Chesapeake Biological Laboratories (CBL) ofBaltimore.

Cel-Sci (NASDAQ:CELI) of Alexandria, Va., will use CBL'sproduction facility to manufacture its mixed-cytokine baseddrug BC-IL for clinical trials.

BC-IL is a mixture of natural human cytokines, produced in cellculture. "We expect BC-IL to be a low-cost out-patienttreatment with low toxicity, useful in the treatment of certaincategories of cancer patients and other immune deficiencydiseases," said Maximilian de Clara, president of Cel-Sci.

Geert Kersten, Cel-Sci's chief operating officer, added, "Theestablishment of this (manufacturing) facility ... will enable thecompany to supply multicenter clinical trials. The companyintends to make the necessary filings and then initially toconduct a clinical study in advanced head and neck cancerpatients."


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