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Ajinomoto Co. High-yieldTokyo bacterial strainsMutant bacterial host strains have high productivity of selectedamino acids.

AKZO, NV Coccidiosis EPO 519 547Arnhem, Netherlands poultry vaccineDNA sequences encoding immunogenic Eimeria proteins ascoccidiosis poultry vector vaccine.

Albert Einstein Coll. Mycobacteria WO 92/22326Med., New York mutationsMutation of Mycobacterium bovis-BCG, M. tuberculosis and M.leprae by insertion of a mycobacterial gene.

Biotechnology Res. M. tuberculosis EPO 519 218Inst., Germany antigenHybrid plasmid for 38 kD antigen from Mycobacteriumtuberculosis cloned in E. coli host.

Boehringer Ingelheim TNF receptor WO 92/22666Int., Ingelheim, Germany immunoassayMonoclonal antibodies against tumor necrosis factor receptor,to detect it in body fluids, for diagnosis .

Boehringer-Ingelheim Promoter EPO 519 336Ingelheim, Germany regulator functionChimeric gene encodes IL-2 promoter regulator, diphtheriatoxin. Death of transfected cells gauges promoterregulation.suppression

California, Univ. of Glutamic acid EPO 519 469Berkeley, Calif. decarboxylaseCloned glutamic acid decarboxylase is useful in amelioratingautoimmune disease.

California, Univ. of Double recom- WO 92/22327Berkeley, Calif. binant vacciniaRecombinant vaccinia virus expressing two heterologous genesencoding pathogenic antigens are highly attenuated for use invaccines.

Caplan, Arnold I. et al. Mesenchymal- WO 92/22584Cleveland cell monoclonalsMonoclonal antibodies specific to marrow-derivedmesenchymal cells, for diagnostic, therapeutic purposes.

Ciba-Geigy AB Anti-HIV p24 EPO 519 866Basel, Switzerland antibodiesMurine or chimeric monoclonal antibodies against HIV coreprotein p24, to arrest AIDS, assay HIV infection.

Ciba-Geigy AB Receptor EPO 519 869Basel, Switzerland kinase gene

S receptor kinase gene from Brassica oleracea, withextracellular domain similar to S locus gp gene product.

Connecticut, Univ. of Secretory- WO 92/22635Storrs, Conn. protein genesMolecular complexes target genes encoding secretory protein totransfect a specific cell in vivo, for gene therapy.

DNX Corp. Hemoglobin WO 92/22646Princeton, N.J. from pigsProduction of human hemoglobin by transgenic pigs, fortransfusion, other medical uses.

Farmitalia Carlo Erba Hepatocyte GF EPO 520 158Milan, Italy receptorA hepatocyte growth factor receptor antagonist comprisesdisuphide-linked tyrosine kinase chains.

Farmitalia Carlo Erba Anti-hirudin EPO 520 502Milan, Italy antibodiesPolymerizing hirudin protein, incubated with glutaraldehyde,produces immunogen for making hirudin antibodies.

Genentech, Inc. Humanized WO 92/22653S. San Francisco, Calif. antibodiesPreparation and use of variant immunoglobins, particularlyhumanized antibody polypeptides.

GenPharm Intl. Immunodeficient WO 92/22645Mountain View, Calif. animalsTransgenic animals in which DNA encoding regulation of alymphoid gene is linked to DNA encoding a lethal polypeptide.

GenPharm Intl. Transgenic WO 92/22647Mountain View, Calif. embryo detectionEarly detection of integrated transgenes in nuclear genome,based on in situ hybridization and PCR.

INRA (Agronomy) Protein produc- WO 92/22644Paris tion in milkHeterologous protein of interest expressed in milk of transgenicmammal,under control of rabbit WAP promoter.

INSERM (Health/ Autoimmune WO 92/22656Medical) Paris hepatitisHuman P450 IID6 cytochrome-derived peptide fragments,antibodies thereto, for differential diagnosis of autoimmunehepatitis.

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.Antisense WO 92/22651Carlsbad, Calif. blocks ras geneOligonucleotides hybridizable with human ras gene DNA orRNA, modulating its expression in cells, for diagnosis,treatment.

Life Technologies Inc. Exo-sample WO 92/22649Gaithersburg, Md. nucleotidesAltering a nucleic-acid sequence present at target sequencetermini, for manipulating recombinant DNA in gene cloning.

Life Technologies Inc. Analysis of WO 92/22650Gaithersburg, Md. DNA fragmentsSite-specific recombination to facilitate sequence of fragmentanalysis of DNA molecules, ideally using bacteriophage PI.

Life Technologies, Inc. Nucleic acid WO 92/22663Gaithersburg, Md. amplificationAmplifying a nucleic acid molecule employing a proto-promoter containing a molecule with a blocked 3' terminal.

Lucky Ltd. Hepatitis C WO 92/22655Seoul, Korea diagnosis, vaccinePolynucleotides derived from "KHCV" hepatitis C virus ,encoded poly-peptides, derived antibodies, for diagnosis,vaccines.

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