Genelabs Technologies Inc.'s synthetic anti-thromboticcompound GL522 is effective in inhibiting blood clotting, bothin vitro and in vivo.

The Redwood City, Calif., company (NASDAQ:GNLB) reportedMonday at the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society ofHematology in Anaheim, Calif., that, in vitro, GL522 inhibitedthe generation of key blood coagulation enzymes, thuscontrolling the cascade of events that lead to clot formation.

Jawed Fareed and associates at Loyola University MedicalCenter in Chicago also reported that GL522 is efficacious as anoral anti-thrombotic in animal models of venous and arterialthrombosis. And in primates, oral GL522 stimulated the releaseof tissue factor pathway inhibitor, which inhibits the enzymesthat initiate the coagulation reaction.

"We are looking at several possible future clinical indicationsfor GL522, including post-surgical deep vein thrombosis,pulmonary embolism, atherosclerosis, unstable angina andpost-angioplasty rethrombosis," said Frank Kung, Genelabs'president and chief executive officer.

-- Jennifer Van Brunt Senior Editor

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