A potential therapy for AIDS patients boosts their failingimmune system's ability to attack the deadly virus. AppliedImmune Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:AISX) plans to accomplish thisfeat by isolating a patient's few remaining CD8 cells, expandand activate them in vitro, and then reinfuse them as healthykiller T cells into the patient as therapeutic "reinforcements."

The Santa Clara, Calif., company is collaborating with the SwissRed Cross' Central Laboratorium for its European clinical trials.The Central Laboratorium will set up and operate AIS's cellseparation and treatment technology in a dedicated cellprocessing center.in Berne.

Phase II trials on AIS's cell therapy for AIDS, focusing onKaposi's sarcoma, are scheduled for 20 patients at San FranciscoGeneral Hospital. Thomas B. Okarma, AIS's chief executiveofficer, said that Phase II trials on an additional 10 Kaposi'spatients are continuing in Miami. Additional trials should beginby year-end in both Southern California and Miami..

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