Oncor Inc. said Tuesday it signed a two-year collaborationwith University of Utah researchers for continued work on itsDNA probe-based tests for prostate cancer.

"This agreement is part of Oncor's 1992 program to build astrong set of relationships with leading clinical centers" forwork on the company's cancer diagnostics, according to GeorgeR. Evanega, Oncor's president and chief operating officer.

Oncor (NASDAQ:ONCS) of Gaithersburg, Md., is providingundisclosed funding for work in the laboratory of Arthur R.Brothman, who is involved in gene-based analysis of prostatecells. The university is also to receive an undisclosed royaltyon sales of any products resulting from the collaboration.

Oncor has announced similar collaborations with the MayoClinic's cytogenetic laboratories and the University ofSouthern California School of Medicine for a diagnostic for thedirect detection of Her-2/neu in breast tissue cells. Her-2/neuis a cancer-causing gene that codes for a growth factorreceptor protein. Oncor supplies the breast cancer diagnosticfor research use.

The collaborations are to explore the clinical utility of Oncor'sDNA probe products in detecting and diagnosing stages ofcancers, Evanega said. Oncor plans to conduct clinical studiesof its prostate cancer diagnostic into 1993 in support of aplanned marketing application to be filed with the FDA.

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