U.S. Class: 530--391.5Patent No.: 5,112,953Assignee: NeoRx Corp.Claims/Description: 40 claims for radiolabeled proteins, such asantibodies.

530--391.9Patent No.: 5,112,954Assignee: NeoRx Corp.Claims/Description: 9 claims for a linking agent that enhancesthe effect of an immunotoxin.

U.S. Class: 530--409Patent No.: 5,112,955Assignee: Monsanto Co.Claims/Description: 1 claim for the use of vitronectin tostabilize plasminogen activator inhibitor I.

U.S. Class: 536--275,112,961Assignee: Schering Corp.Claims/Description: 4 claims for a DNA sequence encoding areceptor that binds tightly to human granulocyte-macrophagecolony stimulating factor (GM-CSF).

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