Selected biotechnology-related patents issued by the U.S.Patent and Trademark Office on Oct. 22.

U.S. Class: 424--4.1Patent Number: 5,059,413Assignee: Xoma Corp.Claims/Description: 23 claims for the use of a radiolabeledimmunotoxin to determine whether the protein reaches its siteof action.

U.S. Class: 424--417Patent Number: 5,059,421Assignee: The Liposome Co.Inc.Claims/Description: 68 claims for a targeted liposomecomplex consisting of a protein bound to a liposome.

U.S. Class: 424--449Patent Number: 5,059,426Assignee: Cygnus Therapeutic SystemsClaims/Description: 7 claims for a method to improve thedelivery of drugs through the skin.

U.S. Class: 435--6Patent Number: 5,059,519Assignee: U. of Massachusetts Medical SchoolClaims/Description: 2 claims for oligonucleotide probes andfor their use to identify individuals at risk for autoimmunediseases.

U.S. Class: 435--7.21Patent Number: 5,059,520Assignee: Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer ResearchClaims/Description: 7 claims for monoclonal antibodies thatbind to different forms of type A blood group antigens.

U.S. Class: 435--29Patent Number: 5,059,527Assignee: None; inventors are David C. White and Marc W.Mittelman, Knoxville, Tenn.Claims/Description: 25 claims for a method to detect gram-negative bacterial endotoxins.

U.S. Class: 435--69.4Patent Number: 5,059,529Assignee: Bio-Technology General Corp.Claims/Description: 4 claims for expression vectorscontaining lambda phage regulatory elements and for their useto express bovine growth hormone (somatotropin).

U.S. Class: 435--69.5Patent Number: 5,059,530Assignee: Suntory Ltd., Osaka, JapanClaims/Description: 10 claims for the use of an E. coliexpression vector to express human tumor necrosis factor.

U.S. Class: 435--320.1Patent Number: 5,059,538Assignee: Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute,Kumamoto, JapanClaims/Description: 2 claims for a plasmid containing a herpessimplex virus gene which can be expressed in yeast.

U.S. Class: 436--501Patent Number: 5,059,541Assignee: NeoRx Corp.Claims/Description: 12 claims for a process to join aradiolabel to a targeting protein, such as an antibody.

U.S. Class: 514--12Patent Number: 5,059,586Assignee: Monsanto Co.Claims/Description: 19 claims for the use of a polypeptidegrowth factor to promote the growth of mammary cells in aruminant.

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