Enzytech Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., named Russell D. Hayspresident and chief executive officer. He was vice presidentand general manager of immunotherapy at Baxter HealthcareCorp. Enzytech is developing delivery systems for therapeuticproteins and peptides.

Steven T. Frankel has been named president and chiefoperating officer of Quidel Corp., and Scott L. Glenn, formerlypresident and CEO, was named chairman and CEO. Frankel waspresident of Becton Dickinson Asia Pacific. The San Diegocompany (NASDAQ:QDEL) develops immunodiagnostic products.

Steven L. Ludmerer has been named chairman and chiefexecutive of DNAP Diagnostics Inc., which is general partner ofAgri-Diagnostics Associates, a joint venture of Union Carbideand DNA Plant Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:DNAP). He wasdirector of new business development at Union CarbideChemicals and Plastics Co. DNAP Diagnostics of Cinnaminson,N.J., is developing detection systems for crop diseases,pesticides and environmental contaminants.

Erwin F. Workman Jr. was named executive vice president ofIdexx Laboratories Inc. of Westbrook, Maine. He was seniorvice president for research and development. Idexx developsbiotechnology-based systems for health and qualityapplications.

Affymax N.V. of Amsterdam named James W. Young managingdirector and senior vice president for corporate development ofAffymax Technologies N.V. of Palo Alto, Calif. Young was vicepresident and general manager of Sepracor Inc.'spharmaceuticals division. Affymax (NASDAQ:AFMXF) is a drugdevelopment company.

U.S. Bioscience Inc. named Donald O. Brown senior vicepresident, pharmaceutical operations, and Richard C. Vogel vicepresident and general manager, Europe. Brown was groupdirector for international quality control and quality assuranceat Alcon Laboratories Inc. Vogel was vice president ofworldwide sales and marketing for Vestar Inc. U.S. Bioscience(NASDAQ:UBS) of West Conshohocken, Pa., is developingproducts to treat cancer and allied diseases.

Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. has named Chris J. Burman vicepresident of manufacturing sciences, replacing Wolf Hanisch,who will be leaving the company to return to Australia.Burman was director of manufacturing technology at LifeSciences International. Idec (NASDAQ: IDPH) of La Jolla, Calif., isdeveloping monoclonal antibody therapeutics.

Biomatrix Inc. of Ridgefield, N.J., named Brian J. Hayden vicepresident of finance and chief financial officer. Hayden wasvice president, chief financial officer, treasurer and secretary atAlteon Inc. Biomatrix (NASDAQ:BIOX) develops biomaterials foruse in therapeutic medical applications and skin-care products.

Triplex Pharmaceutical Corp. named Gregory R. Reyes vicepresident of molecular and biological research and ChristopherT. Kelly vice president of commercial development. Reyes wasvice president of molecular virology at Genelabs Inc., and Kellywas vice president of licensing and acquisitions for Sterling-Winthrop. The Woodlands, Texas, company is focused on triple-helix technology.

James C. Jenson was named vice president of research atProcept Inc. of Cambridge, Mass. He was director of researchmanagement and administration for Berlex Biosciences. Proceptdevelops therapeutics for treating immune system disorders.

Dura Pharmaceuticals Inc. has named James W. Newman vicepresident of finance and administration and CFO, and CharlesW. Prettyman vice president of development and regulatoryaffairs. Newman was president of the Texas operations ofGeorge Wimpey Inc., an international contractor. Prettymanwas vice president of regulatory affairs and compliance for thePurdue Frederick Co., a pharmaceutical company. Dura(NASDAQ:DURA) is a San Diego-based marketer of prescriptionpharmaceutical products and medical devices for treatingallergies, asthma and the common cold.

Somatogen Inc. named James C.T. Linfield vice president ofcorporate development. He was VP of finance and chieffinancial officer. Timothy D. Hoogheem, who was president andchief operating officer of McData Corp., was named VP offinance and CFO. David Denny was promoted to VP ofoperations from director of quality assurance. Somatogen(NASDAQ:SMTG) of Boulder, Colo., is a engaged in thedevelopment and manufacture of genetically engineeredrecombinant human hemoglobin-based products.

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