Enzon Inc. said Thursday that it has received Japanesegovernment approval for the sale of Adagen to one patientwith severe combined immunodeficiency disease.

This is the first Japanese patient for the South Plainfield, N.J.,company (NASDAQ:ENZN). The patient population is too smallfor clinical trials to develop a statistical base necessary for aformal product approval, said Glenn Kazo, vice president ofcorporate development.

Adagen combines polyethylene glycol with a bovine form ofthe adenosine deaminase enzyme. Attaching PEG to proteinsand other substances reduces toxicity while lowering the sizeand number of doses necessary, according to the company.

Twenty U.S. patients are using the drug and 10 others are usingit elsewhere. Sales in 1991 exceeded $2 million, Kazo said. Butthe company considers Adagen, its first product, as a proof ofthe technology.

Enzon hopes that a successful demonstration of the technologywill open the door to strategic alliances with Japanesecompanies, Kazo said. Enzon shares rose 63 cents to $8. -- KarenBernstein

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