Enzon Inc. and Cytoclonal Pharmaceuticals Inc. on Monday saidthey will collaborate to develop treatments for life-threateningdiseases based on Cytoclonal's cytokines and monoclonalantibodies and Enzon's Pegnology and Single-Chain Antigen-Binding (SCA) drug delivery systems.

Cytoclonal has isolated 15 cytokine genes and analogs, and hascombined them with MAbs to develop new therapies anddiagnostics for cancer, viral and immune diseases. Enzon willin-license an unspecified group of these and combine themwith its drug delivery systems to create new treatments,primarily for cancer and viral indications, said Enzonspokeswoman Donna Chappina.

Pegnology couples polyethylene glycol strands to proteins toextend the blood-circulating life of the proteins and reducetheir immunogenicity. SCA allows use of a small fraction of aMAb, which also reduces its immunogenicity, and decreasestoxicity by allowing the antibodies to clear the body rapidly.

The South Plainfield, N.J., company (NASDAQ:ENZN) acquiredthe SCA technology from Genex last November. "This is the firstpact that we have signed that involves both of our drugdelivery technologies," Chappina told BioWorld.

Cytoclonal, located in Dallas, is conducting Phase I trials of anantibody for treatment and diagnostic imaging of lung cancer,and it has developed another therapy for melanoma. It isdeveloping antibody therapies for breast, colon and ovariancancer, as well as MAbs for in vitro and imaging diagnostics.

The privately held company was founded in September 1991,purchasing technology from the Wadley Institute of MolecularMedicine and Wadley Biosciences/Lymphokine Partners Ltd., ajoint venture between Wadley Institute and Philips Petroleumthat was created with $5 million in funding in 1987. Cytoclonalcompleted a $5 million private placement in February, led byD.H. Blair.

Enzon shares closed at $10.88, up 50 cents. -- Kris Herbst

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