Immunomedics Inc. on Monday said it will begin tests of itsImmuRAID-LL2 imaging agent in AIDS patients.

Phase I/II clinical data of the lymphoma imaging agent showedthat 88 percent of the lymphoma tumors were detected ineight patients, the company last week told the InternationalConference on Monoclonal Antibody Immunoconjugates forCancer in San Diego. An HIV-positive patient with lymphomaalso showed antibody targeting, encouraging the company tobegin trials of the agent as a therapeutic for AIDS patients withthe cancer.

ImmuRAID-LL2 is a monoclonal antibody fragment specific forB-cell lymphoma tumors that is labeled with technetium-99m.

The Warren, N.J., company is also conducting Phase I/II trialson ImmuRAIT-LL2, a monoclonal antibody labeled with iodine-131, for therapeutic treatment of B-cell lymphoma. One of ninepatients who underwent imaging with ImmuRAID-LL2 and twoof seven patients who were exposed both to the imaging andtherapeutic agents showed partial tumor regression, accordingto Dr. Carl Pinsky, vice president of medical affairs.

The stock (NASDAQ:IMMU) closed Monday at $12.25, down 75cents. -- Holly Ganz

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