Phase I/II clinical results indicate that use of Oncolysin Bfollowing autologous bone marrow transplants may preventrelapse in lymphoma patients, Immunogen Inc. said Monday.

Dr. Michael Grossbard of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute told theInternational Conference on Monoclonal AntibodyImmunoconjugates for Cancer in San Diego that the 18 patientstreated thus far in Phase I/II studies and pilot studies forPhase III remain in complete remission from non-Hodgkin'slymphoma, some for as long as 19 months followingtransplants. By comparison, the company said, most patientsare expected to relapse after the marrow procedure, many inabout a year.

The drug combines a monoclonal antibody with blocked ricin, aplant toxin. The technology is designed to provide the potenttoxin only to targeted cells.

Immunogen Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN) said it plans to begin by theend of June Phase III trials of Oncolysin B to assess its abilityto consolidate remission induced by autologous bone marrowtransplant or by conventional chemotherapy.

The company also reported in San Diego the first data from itsPhase I/II trial of Oncolysin S to treat small-cell lung cancer.The interim data showed that the drug is biologically active,with patients tolerating initial doses. Dose escalation iscontinuing, the company said.

The stock closed unchanged on Monday at $18.50. -- Holly Ganz

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